Did Lori Harvey Give Insight Into Her Breakup With Michael B. Jordan

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On Lori Harvey’s birthday in 2022, she turned 25. It is a milestone birthday for anyone. A quarter of a century is a fun age to celebrate, and she did just that. However, she had no idea at the time that Lori Harvey’s birthday celebration would be the last one she’d celebrate with her boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. It wasn’t, but a few months later, news broke that the couple had split. Their romance is over, their happy ending over, and all the fun they had together is now nothing but a memory. The world wanted to know why Steve Harvey’s daughter and her boyfriend gave up on the love they had, especially after Lori Harvey’s birthday surprise from Michael B. Jordan.

Lori Harvey’s Birthday Surprise

When Lori Harvey’s birthday morning arrived, she knew she would not be spending it with her love. He was unable to make it to celebrate – we assume for work-related purposes. However, he did celebrate her birthday with her by providing her with the most elaborate, most fun evening. It was just a shining example of sweet they were together, and the world had no idea this couple would call it quits only a few months later.

“Michael loves you and can’t be here tonight, but enjoy your night. It’s on him,” is what Lori Harvey’s manager, Tre Thomas, said to her in front of the partygoers. He arranged for an elaborate meal, a beautiful setup with balloons, personalized menus, and so much more for her and her girlfriends, and she loved every second if it. At the time, she shared photos and videos of her night with friends and family on social media, and it was the sweetest. There was no indication that anything was wrong between the couple on Lori Harvey’s January birthday.

Credit: @loriharvey

What Happened to This Couple?

At the end of the day, no one knows for certain what happened with this couple. They seemed to be in a great place together, but things didn’t work out for them. While neither party has said a word about it to the press, the rumor is that they were both in different places in their lives, and it wasn’t working out for them. Perhaps one of them wanted more than the other. We may never know, but we do know that they are not on negative terms with one another.

Lori Harvey Opened Up About Red Flags

In the months following their breakup, Lori Harvey opened up about some of her dating red flags. However, while the naysayers wanted to believe she was throwing some shade at Michael B. Jordan, it seems she was not doing this at all. It turns out she was sharing some valuable life lessons with people on a friend’s YouTube series. She had a lot to say to women about red flags and what she feels she looks for in a man when it’s time for her to begin dating again.

“I would say if you’re too close to your exes, that’s a red flag. Cordial, okay, you speak. I don’t want y’all to have beef either ‘cause then that gets messy…on the flip, how would you feel? Are you cool if I’m still cool with my exes?” she said in a conversation with her friend Teyona Taylor. She had a strong opinion on that one, but it’s also one we think most people have when it comes to relationships, exes, and red flags. Did she learn this the hard way? Fans want to know if she means that she learned this the hard way through her past relationship with Michael B. Jordan, but she seemed adamant that it’s just a great way to look at love and red flags. She did not say anything negative about her ex despite the fact that they both scrubbed their social media accounts of their time together, and they both unfollowed one another on their respective social media platforms.

Credit: @loriharvey

She also goes on to say that being a good communicator is key to any successful relationship. If you cannot talk to one another about anything that is on your mind, what hope do you have of ever having a solid foundation on which to build your life? She knows this, and she also went on to say that she’s learned a lot about love and relationships from her past relationships. She didn’t specify anyone in particular, but we can assume she is also speaking of her relationship with Michael B. Jordan. After all, every relationship teaches you something, whether it’s how you need to do better in the future, what you do want, what you don’t want, and what you’re willing to compromise. All lessons learned, hard as they may be at times, are worth learning.

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