10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Orjalo

When Christina Orjalo was born, her family had no idea she’d grow up to become a successful actress who is making big things happen in the world of Hollywood. They didn’t know she’d be at the forefront of the business, her name would be in lights, and she’d be on the internet making waves for what she’s doing, but here she is. She’s someone who is taking roles and making them her own, and she is not afraid to put herself out there. Her fans are curious to know more about the actress who is part of the new show Astrid & Lilly Save the World. It’s time to learn more about her.

1. She is Canadian

This young actress was born and raised in Canada. She is currently living, working, and having fun in Toronto, which is a huge hub for the movie industry, believe it or not. Many of the most famous Canadian stars are from this area. She is also Filipina, and she is immensely proud of her heritage.

2. She is Always Up for a Challenge

Growing up, she was always challenging herself in some way, shape, or form. She wanted to be better, do better, and make herself better than the person she was the day before, so she made sure she found the time to do the things that terrified her and made her feel nervous. For example, she took up instruments and even voice lessons.

3. She is Young

Someone who is so wise to challenge herself even when she’s young to become better than she was sounds like an old soul, but she’s such a young lady. She was born on September 22, 1999, which means she’s still in her early 20s and playing a student in high school in her new show on SyFy.

4. She’s Been Acting Almost Her Entire Life

She has been at this job for nearly two decades now, which is almost her entire life. She had her first job acting when she was only four. Though we doubt she really remembers much of that job, it was a big one alongside some big names. She worked with Bruce Willis and with Mos Def in a movie called “16 Blocks,” and that is a big deal for a new kid.

5. She Was Into Theater

She loved going to the theater as a child, and that is what prompted her to take part in the theater as an actress. She loved it so that she wanted to make it part of her own life, and she is clearly the kind of young woman who does what she says she’s doing. She’s not a dreamer so much as she is a doer.

6. She Played Soccer

When she was a child, she was interested in many things. She wasn’t just interested in things like theater and music. She also enjoyed sports, and her sport of choice was soccer. She was pretty good, too.

7. She is Close to her Sister

Her sister is her mentor, and she looks up to her so much. She learns from her sister and grows and from her, and she is her inspiration. Her sister is Marissa. Marissa is the older sister in the family, and she’s clearly done a good job taking care of her sister and making things happen.

8. She Has a YouTube Show

One thing she’s always loved to do is interview her friends, and she has her own YouTube channel. She calls it Fondue for Two, and she says it’s been inspired by her love of the show Glee. You can find her there, and you will probably fall in love with her even more than you already are. She’s fun and entertaining, and she’s worth following along.

9. She is a Cat Lover

Some people are dog lovers. Some people are cat lovers. Some are both, and some don’t like either. She is a cat lover, but we don’t know where she stands on her feelings about dogs. She just has a cat, and her cat is Lucy. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with Lucy.

10. She Enjoys Fun

Her idea of fun is to do things like karaoke and spend time with her friends. She also has a love of scrapbooking, and it sounds to us that she is more of an indoor activity girl than an outdoor one, but she also likes to do things like longboard and travel – so that is not necessarily the truth, either.

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