Ranking The Anticipation For The Superhero Movies Released In 2024

A new year means that a new set of comic book films will take center stage. However, 2024 is different for various reasons. DC has just finished up its universe and isn’t expected to return until 2025 with Superman: Legacy. Marvel only has one film slated for release this year following a disastrous 2023 that ended with Ms. Marvel becoming the lowest-growing MCU film ever. It’s safe to say that the genre isn’t particularly in a good place due to the abundance of average to bad content that’s been released over the past couple of years.

This year will see the release of five new comic book movies: Deadpool III, Joker: Folie a Deux, Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter, and Venom 3. It’s certainly an interesting year for Sony as they’re releasing more Spider-Man less content to expand their universe. This list will start from the least anticipated films to the most. Which comic book film is the most highly anticipated feature of 2024?

Madame Web

Dakota Johnson as Madame Web

I love the concept of Madame Web; the plot is similar to The Terminator where Ezekiel Sims is coming back in time to eliminate the women who eventually turn into Spider-Women. However, the trailer for this film just doesn’t look good. The imitation Spider-Man costume looks horrendous, and the overall aesthetic of Madame Web doesn’t look pleasing. There’s no unique style that gravitates to something bold and original. Madame Web is an interesting character in the comics, though it is head-scratching that Sony chose her to headline a film.

Nevertheless, the acting looks stilted and Dakota Johnson doesn’t look any different than her 50 Shades of Grey character. This is no shade to Johnson as she’s a gifted actress, but based on the trailers, she doesn’t disappear into the role of Cassandra Web. This does have some potential to be good, but all signs point to another disappointing entry in the Spider-Man-less canon.

Kraven the Hunter

Richard Wenk's Kraven the Hunter (2024)

The R-rated aspect is appealing, but it’s been proven by films such as Hellboy (2019) that an adult rating doesn’t always result in a good film. J.C. Chandor is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a good actor; so there’s clear talent in front and behind the camera. The story itself is quite interesting, though several silly aspects could harm the film overall.

The trailer looked better than Madame Web, but Kraven the Hunter ultimately looks like a generic action film that you’ve seen dozens of times before. This has a higher potential to bring something different to the superhero genre, but the lackluster visuals, oddball changes to Kraven’s origins, and the unnecessary decision to make Kraven an anti-hero could spell doom for another film that shouldn’t exist without Spider-Man.

Venom 3

Ranking The Anticipation For The Superhero Movies Released In 2024

I’ve never been big on the Venom series. Tom Hardy does a great job as Eddie Brock, but the biggest issue I’ve had with the series is the weird bromance chemistry between him and Venom. The latter is supposed to be a dangerous symbiote that feeds off the hatred of Eddie Brock’s disdain for Peter Parker. However, since Peter Parker has yet to be showcased in this series, Venom has felt rather directionless because the series is trying to paint him as an anti-hero.

Venom does have points where he’s an anti-hero in the comics, but that’s after he’s had his well-developed rivalry with Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Venom is essentially a dark mirror of the masked vigilante and he’s been a noticeable cloud missing in this universe. Still, there’s potential to make a decent Venom film and the creators have done the best they could with what they’ve been given. It’s hard to determine whether Part III will be decent as we don’t have an official synopsis, but at the very least, Venom 3 will be a fun popcorn filler in a universe that desperately needs Spider-Man.

Joker: Folie á Deux

Ranking The Anticipation For The Superhero Movies Released In 2024

Joker was a great surprise that respected the iconic villain while carving its own path in the movie landscape. The film managed to make the character sympathetic, yet still maintained the core characteristics of the DC villain that has been terrorizing Gotham for decades now. Joker didn’t need a sequel; however, there are not many complaints when the same team is returning to continue the character’s compelling story. There are not many details about the upcoming film, but the addition of Oscar nominee, Lady Gaga, is an exciting and intriguing new take on Harley Quinn.

The biggest concern about the sequel is the musical aspect. It could work as Phillips has demonstrated that he understands the world of Joker pretty well, but this could also backfire massively if not done right. Joker: Folie á Deux will be in one of two camps: An incredible and memorable film or a huge misfire that falls flat on its face. Hopefully, it’s the former.

Deadpool III

Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise as Wolverine vs. Deadpool has been the rematch we’ve all been waiting for. Ryan Reynolds has proven that he greatly understands Deadpool and the entire X-Men universe. Plus, it’s clear that he puts love and care into each of these Deadpool movies. The first two were great, though the sequel did get too meta for its own good. Still, the Deadpool franchise has been consistent, so it would be shocking if this turns out to be less than great.

However, the leaks have highlighted a possible problem: there are simply too many characters. Given the multiverse angle, it’ll be fun to see some names from the past, but if the film goes overboard with cameos then the story can be messy and lose the main focus of Wolverine and Deadpool. Still, the buzz for Deadpool III is extremely high, and it would be stunning if the film doesn’t reach the billion-dollar mark if the critical reception is strong.

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