Five Movie Bloopers That Were Just too Good to Cut

Five Movie Bloopers That Were Just too Good to Cut

Obviously actors aren’t one hundred percent perfect all the time and things are going to happen now and then that might be improvised or might be just thought up on the spur of the moment for one reason or another. But some bloopers and errors that have been made have been kept in the movies without people knowing it simply because they’re really that good. They either added to the movie in some crucial way or they were just deemed as good enough to keep in. There have even been a few cases in which the director was simply tired and didn’t want to keep going with the scene any longer and kept it as it was. Whatever reason has been given for keeping these scenes is kind of irrelevant since a lot of people might have never known about them if they weren’t told. One thing a lot of actors are good at is improvising as it helps to know how to keep going when a scene turns awkward in order to avoid having to do it all over again, even though they might have to anyway. In some instances it’s just better to keep going and hope that the scene can be salvaged.

Here are a few bloopers that were just too good to cut out.

5. The line-up scene – The Usual Suspects

The entire cast had the giggles during what was supposed to be a serious scene, and the apparent reason for this was that they’d just come off of lunch, they were tired, and Benicio del Toro couldn’t help but keep passing gas every time one of them stepped forward to read the line they’d been given. Obviously this wasn’t what was scripted but in this instance the guys couldn’t help themselves. Director Bryan Singer was actually getting pretty steamed after a while and just decided to keep the scene as it was since it played out nicely with the rest of the movie. Despite being men they’re still boys, and farting is kind of funny sometimes.

4. Aragorn kicking a helmet – Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers

Recall the moment when Aragorn, Gimli, and Legola came upon the dead Uruk-hai left behind to burn and smolder. Aragorn kicked a metal helmet in frustration, but it wasn’t a scripted move, as it was Viggo Mortensen adding to the scene in his own way. Unfortunately he ended breaking a toe or three during this act and that cry of frustration was a well-concealed cry of pain that he utilized for further effect. Now think about how badly it hurt to kneel down on broken toes and then get up and keep going. That’s the kind of dedication that this guy has to his craft, though obviously his injuries needed to be seen to immediately.

3. Star Lord dropping the orb – Guardians of the Galaxy

This just kind of goes to show Peter’s character since Star Lord is kind of a goof and a little clumsy now and again, meaning that dropping the orb and recovering it was a great move, albeit not a scripted one. There’s no doubt that James Gunn had to think about this one for a minute to see if he could leave it in there, but thankfully he saw not only the funny bit of leaving it in, but the wisdom in it since Chris Pratt recovered so nicely and kept a straight face during the scene, though it’s hard to say if anyone else did before the camera angle changed. There are plenty of Marvel bloopers to go around.

2. Hannibal Lecter hissing – The Silence of the Lambs

Every time someone mentions Chianti I can’t help but shudder a little since Hannibal decided to make mention of it in the movie. But that hissing he did at the end of his words wasn’t scripted and was Anthony Hopkins adding to the scene, which is why Jodie Foster’s reaction looks so real. She didn’t know it was coming any more than anyone else, so obviously she was a bit unnerved the whole act that Anthony put on. Now there are a lot of people that happen to love the movie and every line that Lecter spoke, but it makes sense to wonder just how much was ad-libbed and how much was scripted.

1. Frosting facemask – Mrs. Doubtfire

The face in the frosting was very much a part of the script, but the fact that it was melting so rapidly was not. This is when Robin Williams had to improvise on the spot and he did so in a way that was absolutely perfect as he played off each lump of frosting perfectly as it dropped into the cups. His pacing was perfect as well since he managed to come up with a new wisecrack every time another lump of frosting dripped from his face.

Sometimes bloopers are just too good to film over.

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