10 Awesome Marvel Movie Bloopers That are Worth Your Time

10 Awesome Marvel Movie Bloopers That are Worth Your Time

10 Awesome Marvel Movie Bloopers That are Worth Your Time

I am of the firm opinion that with the exception to extremely serious and dramatic movies, a requirement for all film’s end credits should be the showing of a blooper reel.  I don’t think I’ve ever left an ending credits in the theaters when a blooper reel was playing and I doubt I ever will.  Often times a blooper reel can be funnier than the movie itself.  It’s a chance for us to see the actors for who they truly are at their most vulnerable moments.  Nothing’s more genuine than when a superstar screws up their lines and completely owns up to it in comedic fashion.  In the same token, it’s hilarious when actors pull pranks on each other on set and we get an inside peek.

If you take it even a step further, Marvel Movies make for incredible blooper reels for the simple reason that most times the actors are dressed in crazy costumes and often wear a ton of make up.  Nothing’s funnier than when you see their “human” side with all that gunk on.   Thankfully Screenrant has put together a Marvel blooper compilation for the ages.  Here’s what they had to say about it.

The Marvel movies have come to be some of the most successful films ever to be released. Filled with likable characters, great stories and jaw dropping effects, the Marvel films are here to stay. The films are often fairly funny, but some of that humor doesn’t even make it into the final cut. Despite portraying some of the most popular superheroes on the planet, even the actors occasionally make a mistake and goof up on set, resulting in a mistake worthy of laughs. From Gods to aliens, scientists to mutants, here are Screenrant’s 10 Marvel Bloopers they couldn’t plan even if they tried.

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