5 Reasons Why Prey 2 Shouldn’t Happen

5 Reasons Why Prey 2 Shouldn’t Happen
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I’ll be honest in stating that I don’t think that Prey is the best Predator movie ever made. That distinction still goes to the initial movie since no one had ever seen the yautja before, and at that time, few knew the name of the deadly creatures. Since then, however, the Predator movies have been in steady decline, though a few have had a redeeming quality here and there to keep them from being entirely ridiculous. Let me put it this way, Prey was a fun movie since it offered a different way to look at the predators, much as the other movies have done, but it felt a little more down to earth, no pun intended, and created a look at an earlier era when people knew very well that the predators had been making their way to earth for a while. If the AVP movie is canon, it means that the predators have been around far longer and influenced human culture much more than people are willing to admit. But with that in mind, there are a few reasons why a sequel to Prey shouldn’t even be considered. 

Here are five reasons why Prey shouldn’t get a sequel. 

5. The track record for Predator sequels is kind of hit-and-miss now. 

Looking back at the movies that have been added to the franchise over the years, it’s easy to pick out faults and moments that didn’t work. But if one is being honest, there are good points that stand out from the criticism if people are willing to see them. There’s nothing to say that a sequel couldn’t work at all, but at this time it’s fair to mention that direct sequels that pull from the movies before them aren’t always the best representation of this original idea. Predator 2 is a good attempt, but it was still kind of goofy, while AVP: Requiem is a worthwhile try that fell flat. Even Predators and The Predator had their good moments, but they still didn’t capture the initial greatness of the first movie. Prey is good, but it would have a ways to go to top itself. 

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4. Each character who has dealt with a predator has their own story. 

This makes the Predator movies stand out as anthologies more than a single story since every person that has stood up to a Predator and survived now has their own story to add to the running saga of these creatures. Naru is another individual that can now say that she faced down a predator and lived to tell the tale. But suppose there is to be another movie. In that case, it might need to feature another lead character since otherwise, trying to break that trend feels like it could create something that the Predator franchise hasn’t experienced yet, and that’s a recurring character that remembers everything from the movie before. And no, the sniper from Predators doesn’t count in this case. 

3. Another time jump should be deemed necessary, or another prequel could expand on the hunting practices of the predators. 

Whether another movie would make a jump further back in time or forward, it does feel that advancing another several decades or even a century later would be preferable to staying put in the same period. It would be kind of interesting to see the predator in the old west. Imagine a hunter taking on not just indigenous tribes but also cowboys that would have little to no idea what they’re dealing with. The result would be the same until someone with enough brainpower to deduce what the predator is all about decided to do something innovative. That might be kind of a cool movie to watch. 

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2. At some point, it would be great to push things into the future to show how humans, predators, and xenomorphs interact off-world. 

We’ve seen humans and xenomorphs fighting each other in the future; now, it feels like the predators need to join the ruckus and see how things would go. Granted, we’ve seen them in a more modern setting and video games, but it would be interesting to see them in live-action, in the future, and in a very tense situation that would pit them all against each other. It still feels like the predators and the humans would team up against the more significant threat, but such a movie would still be a lot of fun. 

1. Each movie acts like its own chapter in the ongoing franchise. 

This feels as though it should be this way since the story of the predators is such a big one, and to tell the truth, the fans have only been given glimpses of the predator’s homeworld. There would be no telling if Prometheus and Covenant gave us a look at where the xenomorphs came from. At this point, each new movie is highly appreciated since it reveals a little something more. 

But at the very least, don’t make a sequel; just make another movie. 

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