Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Movie Recap

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars features the beginning of the war bearing the same name. The said war also paved the way for the events of Revenge of the Sith, such as Anakin’s betrayal and the rise of Darth Vader.

The film was released in the United States on August 2008. However, this film was unique in style as it was pretty uncommon for Star Wars films to be animated. Due to this, it gained a hostile reception from the public and became the least successful Star Wars movie in revenue (as of December 2022). This movie then spearheaded the creation of an animated series of the same name, which aired on Cartoon Network in October.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars


The War

The opening narration begins by giving a brief background to the story. It was told that the war had begun to rage, and the evil forces of Count Dooku had occupied much of the freeways of the galaxy, cutting the Republic’s forces of their supplies. Moreover, the galaxy fell into a civil war-like conflict in which the planets began to choose sides (between the Separatists or the Republic) and fight on their respective sides. Meanwhile, the Hutt lord Jabba found his son abducted and announced a call to find him back – a call the Jedis answered.

The movie followed the story of the Jedis rescuing the son of Jabba. Jabba’s race, the Hutt, is a criminal race of giant green slug-like creatures.

During the onset of the war, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi led the Republic’s forces to advance toward the Separatist-controlled territory. However, due to the rebels occupying much of the supply lines, they found their numbers dwindling severely.

There was a glimmer of hope when they saw a shuttle arrive. They thought reinforcements had finally arrived. However, the hope was taken away from their face when they realized there were no reinforcements in the spaceship, only a young Jedi Padawan (apprentice) girl named Ahsoka Tano onboard. She claimed that Yoda sent her to Anakin to be her young knight and trainee. However, the two eventually came to good terms when they managed to infiltrate the enemy lines and disable their shield, allowing the Republic forces to advance and claim victory.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars


The rescue of the abducted son

Only after the victory that the Jedi heroes know of the abduction of Jabba’s son. Darth Sidious orchestrated the kidnapping, Count Dooku’s master, to make it appear that it was the Jedis’ fault to earn the Separatists the Support of Jabba.

Anakin and his new apprentice were sent out to look for Rotta, the son (who will sometimes be referred to as “Huttlet” in this article). On the other hand, Obi-Wan was sent to Jabba to propose a peace treaty between the Republic and his kingdom.

The master and apprentice eventually found the kidnapper in the forest planet Teth. There, they went under siege by Count Dooku’s forces. But, through the help of R2-D2, they managed to hijack a transport system that allowed them to fly to Tatooine.

Anakin’s wife, Padmé Amidala, heard of the mission. She confronted Jabba’s uncle, Ziro, on Coruscant. Unfortunately, Ziro was an accomplice to this abduction plan and refused to cooperate. Padmé discovered this and yet another plan to murder Rotta to anger Jabba and execute Anakin and Ahsoka. In turn, the Jedi Council would avenge their fallen members and arrest and execute Jabba, allowing Ziro to seize control of the Hutt Clan. Padmé was about to be captured when C-3PO gave her a chance to escape.

While on Tatooine, the Jedi knight thought of a plan to give back Jabba’s son without putting anyone’s life in danger. They knew that Ziro would always be after them. The plan involved making a fake Huttlet to be brought by Anakin while Ahsoka would bring the real one to Jabba’s palace.

With this plan, Anakin confronted Dooku and Ahsoka made the run. However, she was ambushed multiple times by a few MagnaGuards, which she managed to defeat, albeit too close of a call. The two delivered the real Huttlet to the palace safely, but Jabba still ordered their execution for supposed attempted kidnapping. Padmé arrived in a nick of time to tell Jabba that the whole ruse was Ziro’s plan. Jabba then ordered Ziro’s execution instead.

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