Arcane: Technology Plus Magic

Arcane: Technology Plus Magic

Arcane: Technology Plus Magic

Those that are avid fans of League of Legends might have decided the fate of Arcane the moment it was released on Netflix, but the amazing thing is that fans have responded to the show quite well given that while it focuses more on the city of Piltover, which might have been a shock, it still holds tightly to the canon of the popular game. Those that have watched more than one videogame adaptation on the big screen or a streaming site already know that there are a great number of liberties taken with such stories on a regular basis, but thus far it would appear that Arcane has kept things as tight as it can without changing things up. Instead, the main thrust of the story has seen Vi and Jinx, formerly Powder, take a great deal of time to flesh out their story as others have developed around them. Those that are just coming into this particular story, such as myself, might be enchanted by the characters, the stories, and of course, the fact that magic and science do end up being mated by the end of the first season. 

Thankfully, it’s already been decided that a season two will come to pass, but it feels fair to state that it won’t be coming to Netflix any time soon, given that this first season took a good deal of time to arrive. Plus, with the idea of Zaun gaining its independence, and Jinx about to take out the council at the end of the first season, things are going to be tense from the get-go in season 2. As for season 1, those that don’t know enough about LoL shouldn’t feel too pressured to learn everything about the popular game before watching the season, since the story leans into the relationship between Vi and Powder and their relationship to Vander quite nicely. it does show how the two young girls end up in Vander’s care, how they grew up in the undercity, and what they did to survive. The class distinctions are hard to miss, as are the results that come from those from each side realizing that they’re like oil and water. 

In some ways, Arcane might remind those that are fans of Wizards of the Coast of Eberron, albeit with far less magic and a much more dire outlook on life. The fact that magic isn’t a prevalent force in Piltover and had to be introduced in a manner that was not entirely approved of but became highly beneficial is kind of interesting. The hextech that Jayce and Viktor developed, that allowed cities and nations from across the world to come together in an impressive and highly lucrative manner is the type of magic that, when backed by science, becomes just as safe or as volatile as it needs to be, since it’s also something that’s easy to see as a weapon, and it’s not at all surprising that the inventions that Jayce and Viktor came up with, to be used for industrial means, would eventually become weapons of war that would give whoever wielded them a serious edge. That was made rather clear when Vi put on the gauntlets and had her way with her enemies. 

From a personal standpoint, it’s bound to be worth the wait when it comes to the second season of Arcane since the way the first season ended begs the question of how this story is going to continue to fit into the League of Legends and how it will fit into the overall canon. The first season has already made it necessary to care about certain characters and has likely turned people against others, as each character is more than a little compelling and tells their own story. Jinx is no doubt a favorite as she’s been pushed in such a way that her mental state, and its deterioration, is one of the most defining qualities she has, along with her intelligence and aggressive qualities. The tale of how Powder became Jinx is a tragic one to be certain, and tragedy is no stranger in the city of Piltover, as several people have come to find that the constant struggle between the undercity and the enforcers has no real winners, while those that take advantage of everyone, like Silco, are far more than what they appear to be. 

Some folks are bound to be intrigued enough to delve deeper into this story and find out as much about League of Legends as they can, while others might feel comfortable sticking with this idea and going no further. Either way, Arcane is a look into a world that can easily inspire and touch upon the elements that make a great story. Coupling that with the fantasy that’s been revealed, it’s fair to think that this will be a show worth remembering for a while to come. 

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