Which Season of Grey’s Anatomy Had the Best Cast?

Which Season of Grey’s Anatomy Had the Best Cast?

Which Season of Grey’s Anatomy Had the Best Cast?

We’ve seen so many faces come and go in the 14 seasons that Grey’s Anatomy has been on. The interesting thing about this is the fact that many of the characters we’ve lost on Grey’s were so memorable; even with wonderful replacements, these past characters are all still unforgettable. Over the years, we’ve seen groups of surgeons band together to push through the difficulties of life in medicine. While this current group of doctors comes a close second, we’ve got another surgeon group that will probably be our all time favorite.

We’re talking about Grey’s Anatomy seasons 7 through 10. Coming into these seasons, we still had some of the original cast: Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Derek Shepherd, and Cristina Yang. We also have some great character additions with Callie Torres, Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey, Owen Hunt, Arizona Robbins, April Kepner, Jackson Avery, Benjamin Warren, and Amelia Shepherd as a guest character.

This group of characters would forever change the face of the show. This was the time when Seattle Grace Hospital became the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital that it is now. There were so many pivotal moments during this time in the show that really shaped how the rest of the characters would continue on. There were several reasons why the cast during these seasons was our favorite.

First, Meredith still had her person, Cristina. This was also the time when Cristina met the true love of her life, Owen Hunt. That relationship was a little crazy, but we dug it. The introduction of Meredith’s sister, Lexie, in season 4, was one of the most important developments of the entire Grey’s Anatomy story. Lexie not only changed Meredith for good; she also affected those around her, especially Mark Sloan. This relationship was one of the best in the entire series, and it will also be reflected to this day. We lost these lovers during this time, and their deaths were forever commemorated in the show with the change of Seattle Grace’s name to Grey-Sloan.

Before we lost Sloan, he managed to give Callie and Arizona the sperm they needed to make a baby, another great way to commemorate Sloan’s memory. That was another relationship that was remarkable and truly groundbreaking for TV: Callie and Arizona. They were so great together, and we never thought that they’d split up; but they did, and we’ve since moved on.

By season 10, we saw the departure of one of the bests, Cristina Yang, but we also saw the introduction of the new group, particularly Jo Wilson and Stephanie Edwards. This was also the time when we were introduced to Maggie Pierce.

Seasons 7 through 10 showed us the departure of some of our favorite characters and the introduction of new ones as well. We believe that these four seasons were some of the most important seasons in all of Grey’s Anatomy. We’ve since lost some more favorite characters since then, but this list is ever-evolving as new characters come to replace old ones, telling us new stories along the way.

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