Star Wars Rebels Sequel TV Show Might Be Coming to Disney Plus

Star Wars Rebels Sequel TV Show Might Be Coming to Disney Plus


Star Wars Rebels isn’t done yet, not even close in fact since this new installment is supposedly coming this winter if the rumors are to be believed. Christian Bone of We Got This Covered goes into a little detail on what we might be able to expect coming up since the ending of the last season set up a wild story line that could possibly take the next season into overdrive if things go well and the story is told in a manner that people are expecting. To put it lightly, we could get a much better look at Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano’s mission to find Ezra, but it’s also likely that Ezra has formed an alliance with Grand Admiral Thrawn, who as many people know is not someone to be trusted lightly as he usually has one trick or another up his sleeve so to speak. But if the series follows up with a new enemy that Thrawn and his people are fighting, the Grysk, there’s a possibility that it could be closely tied to the Thrawn novels. Thrawn however is a definite villain simply because he was a part of the Empire and still carries a great deal of sympathy for the fallen regime. While this series takes place before The Force Awakens however it will be interesting to see how it plays out and where the main characters will end up.

While the Ghost crew are definitely high on the list of popular characters in this series it’s a little obvious that Ezra, Sabine, and Ahsoka will be taking the lead since they’re the characters that a lot of people have come to care about during the series’ run and will no doubt be the main focus while the rest of the characters are given their due time as well. The one thing about Star Wars that is true of any series that’s ever come along is that the star characters do tend to stand out after a while, especially when they start to develop their own fan base and eventually grow bigger than anyone else on screen in terms of popularity. Ahsoka had a huge advantage going into this series since she’d already been introduced in The Clone Wars animated movie and as a result, despite the fact that the movie wasn’t that great, people came to care a lot about the Togruta padawan and wanted to see more of her. Ezra and Sabine have become popular characters thanks to their story arcs while the rest of the crew serve a definite purpose but have become almost like backup in a way. When the series returns though it’s a safe bet that everyone is going to have their place and will be seen to contribute in their own manner.

Even better is if the rumor that it’s coming back to Disney+ is true then it will be even more accessible to those that already have the streaming network. Disney+ is quickly taking hold of as many properties as it can in order to give access to those that have decided to stick with the streaming service and bulk up the list of options that are available, as is needed at this point. Thus far the service has added several movies and still has plans to continue to bolster its ranks with one show after another as we continue to hear more about the different programs yet to come. Star Wars is one property that has been on a roll lately as the promise of more and more material continues to build, having started with The Mandalorian back in November of 2019. While the continuity between the stories might be a concern given that Rebels and The Mandalorian are occurring at roughly the same time one has to remember that it’s a large galaxy and there’s a good chance that many characters won’t stand much of a chance of interacting unless the writers are told to make such an occurrence happen. Sayre Bedinger of Fansided has a theory however that could prove to be interesting. Between live action and animation however this is less of a concern since unless permission is granted and some strange crossover is planned it’s not likely that we’ll see them coexist on screen any time soon.

At this point Rebels has been very much like any standalone Star Wars show in that it has it’s own, self-contained story line that intersects with the main saga that people have been enjoying for years now, continuing forward in its own manner even as it’s included various main characters while focusing on its own tale. Where Rebels will go after this coming season is hard to say, but it’s likely that the fans will be glad to see more of their favorite characters as they’re allowed to continue forward and answer questions that many have been asking in terms of what happens to each character in the span of time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

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