Four Football (Yes, Soccer) Documentaries You Should Watch on Netflix

There are so many programs to choose from on Netflix, sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to watch. Personally speaking, I’ve been so spoiled for choice in the past that I’ve simply given up on searching. To avoid this, it always best to have a rough idea of what you want to watch, before you begin trawling through the seemingly endless categories in a half-hearted attempt to stumble across something of vague interest. In case you live outside the US (you are limited to your local Netflix library), there are numerous ways in which you can unblock Netflix via the use of a VPN. Using this method will grant you an access to a wide new array of interesting content that your local Netflix library might not possess.

If you’re a football fan, this does help to narrow things down a touch – and if you haven’t yet exhausted all the avenues that Netflix provides in that department, this article draws your attention to some of the most captivating documentaries linked to the beautiful game.

Premier League Legends

Similar in format to the incredibly watchable Premier League Years documentaries often used to fill daytime slots on Sky Sports channels, Premier League Legends is a shorter series consisting of 10 episodes that run for around half an hour each. Players featured include Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and many extraordinary talents who have graced these shores between 1992 and the present day. The show includes personal insight from former players, managers, and pundits as well as plenty of nostalgic footage. The episode on Middlesbrough legend Juninho is particularly heartwarming, and details how the diminutive Brazilian established a love affair with the unfashionable North East club in the mid-1990s.

First team: Juventus

This gripping fly-on-the-wall documentary follows Italian giants Juventus during their 2017-18 campaign, and features interviews from many of their top stars from the era including Gonzalo Higuain and Gigi Buffon. The documentary gives an insight into how Massimiliano Allegri’s side prepare for matches, and how they recover afterwards, as well as showing viewers the other day-to-day tasks undertaken by professional footballers at the top level.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success

This is one of the most inspiring documentaries you will ever watch, as legendary former Manchester United boss lifts the lid on his coaching and managerial secrets, detailing how he presided over such a successful operation at Old Trafford for over 25 years. The documentary shows Sir Alex speaking to students at Harvard University, and giving motivational speeches to young players hoping to forge a career in football. The Scotsman’s ability to capture the attention and indeed the imagination his audience is unrivalled, and this documentary captures that perfectly.

Les Bleus

This documentary on the French national team portrays a narrative which highlights how the ups and downs of Les Bleus over the past 20 years have mirrored the sociocultural climate of France during that time. Bookended by two World Cup victories, the last 20 years has been a turbulent time in French football, and indeed in French society. The documentary shows how strained race relations in recent times have impacted upon the national team, and how the team’s success has been used as a vehicle to show strength and solidarity in the immediate aftermath of terrorist atrocities.

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