The Top Five Serious Movie Scenes Starring Steve Martin

The Top Five Serious Movie Scenes Starring Steve Martin

The Top Five Serious Movie Scenes Starring Steve Martin

Steve Martin is the guy that can pretty much do it all. Even if these clips below look like they’re from comedies the truth is that the movies they go with are in reality very serious. He can do comedic, he can do serious, and he can do a blend of the two unlike many others can and even better, he can go back and forth in a way that’s just amazing to watch. The depth of his acting is such that he can switch it on and off with ease and you might not even know it until you’ve watched about three or four minutes of him just being himself. There have been serious movies in which I firmly expected him to be funny but he surprised a lot of people by being completely serious. He’s just that good and knows when to turn it on and then when to be serious.

To put it plainly he’s an impressive actor.

5. Father of the Bride

Father’s are typically the first man that a daughter will look up to since they’re the ones that take care of them, pamper them, and set a firm structure in their lives to follow. They might not always be the favorite person in their life but the father of any girl is the one man that they wish to turn to more often than not for advice, for love, and for something that has no easy definition.

4. Parenthood

Anyone that says parenting is easy has either never been a parent or hasn’t raised their own kid on a regular basis. Parenthood is any BUT easy. There are the good moments when you absolutely love everything about your kid and would gladly live that one day over and over for a while just to enjoy it. But then there are all the other days that make you realize that to earn those good days you’re going to have to weather the other ones to get to them.

3. It’s Complicated

This would be pretty messed up to do to someone that genuinely cares about you. First the couple in the movie are divorced, and she wants nothing to do with him. Then he comes back, they get drunk, and they start an affair. The guy she’s seeing at that time finally finds out and can’t stick around since it’s just not a workable deal. I know I’d walk the other way.

2. Mixed Nuts

There’s something depressing about working a suicide hotline and having to deal with your own problems on a constant basis.  When the holidays come around however it tends to get worse since the constant pressure of the season and the idea of having to deal with people that are continually wanting to harm themselves could get anyone down.

1. Grand Canyon

He plays a supporting actor in this film that comes to the revelation that he needs to change his line of work in a drastic way after getting shot in the leg during a mugging. The whole point of the film is to finally just step back and notice how small one’s life really is when viewed from a bigger scope.

He can do comedy, and he can do serious. He’s just that good.

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