Five Movies You Totally Forgot Chris Hemsworth Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Chris Hemsworth Was In

One would think that Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t be a person that people would be forgetting in any way at this point since he’s been such a big deal in Hollywood and still is thanks to his time as an Avenger and the god of thunder. But there are a few movies of his that might be forgotten just because they weren’t that great or because he wasn’t a main part of the movie. Whatever the case, many people still think of him as Thor at this point and very few would think of him as anything else since that’s the angle he’s been on for so long. He’s participated in plenty of other movies to be sure, but it’s hard to shake the image of Thor at this point since he does have another movie that he’ll be showing up eventually, providing that it can start and finish on time and will be allowed in theaters. But in the meantime, it’s funny to think that one of the most popular guys in show business might have roles that aren’t fully remembered by those that happen to adore him. Hey, it happens to a lot of actors.

Here are a few movies you might not remember Chris Hemsworth starring in.

5. Snow White and the Huntsman

It could have something to do with the fact that this movie and the one that followed it were entirely forgettable, which is hard to imagine since they had such star-studded casts. But somehow both movies came off as kind of awkward and took the legend of the Huntsman and created something that was less than appealing in a way that’s hard to explain but is there all the same. The idea of turning Hemsworth into a scruffy, hard-bitten warrior was all well and good since it’s a role he can take on without any problems, but the whole plot of this movie was still something that left a lot to be desired.

4. Vacation

The fact that he played a guy who cheated on his wife and was cheated on, in turn, was kind of disturbing since it meant that the marriage that Audrey had entered into was something so off the wall that it would only make sense to those that were actually in it, hopefully. But it’s kind of thankful that his role in this one was short since he played kind of a jerk, even if he was a likable jerk that enjoyed showing off the size of his package when no one really wanted to see it. In all likelihood there probably a lot of people that enjoyed his part in the movie since it did have a nice bit of comedy to it.

3. The Cabin in the Woods

One of the only ways to forget anyone in this movie is the fact that it’s so horribly underrated. Seriously, it was created to be one of the most over the top horror movies and even had plenty of comedy within it to make the experience worth it. True, it was a very dark type of comedy, but all the same, it was still comical to see so many monsters in one place, especially since all of them were ready to inflict as much mayhem as possible for no better reason than it was their nature. But even better, or worse depending on your point of view, is the fact that by the end the world was still in trouble due to the actions of the main characters.

2. Star Trek

It’s easy enough to see why people would forget about his time in this movie since Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine, was the big star of this movie, and Hemsworth was only in it for long enough to hear that his wife had given birth to their son, James T. Kirk, before he and his ship were destroyed by a time-traveling villain that was set on switching things around. He was kind of a placeholder here and not much else, which might have felt like a slight to someone of his caliber, but in truth, it was just another role that would be added to his filmography and one that people would remember or not.

1. 12 Strong

The fact that this story isn’t as well known as many others is possibly why it didn’t gain a whole lot of attention, since while it does embellish a bit and stretch the truth as many movies do, it was based around a true story. It does feel like a disservice that so many people would simply look past it, but at the same time, it could be that it just wasn’t released at the right time, as timing is a big thing in Hollywood whether folks believe it or not.

It’d be harder to forget a lot of the stuff that Chris has done recently.

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