The Five Scariest Fathers in 70s Movies

The Five Scariest Fathers in 70s Movies

The Five Scariest Fathers in 70s Movies

Fathers in the 70s, in the movies at least, were pretty harsh dictators at times that could fly off the hook or give you the impression that everything was fine and be plotting the demise of their enemy in the shadows where you couldn’t see. These were the men that could strike right away but tended to let the menace that was their anger build and build until finally, BOOM. A few of them were just straight up scary, but some of them were spooky scary since they didn’t let their anger out right away but instead let it simmer and bubble, suckering people in until it was too late for them to get away and their rage would boil over and consume everyone in their own way. But again, there were those that would never let you know it was coming until it was too late, and those were the scariest.

Here are some of the scariest fathers of the 70s in movies.

5. Star Wars: A New Hope – Darth Vader

Fair enough, no one knew that Darth Vader was Luke and Leia’s father in this movie, and no one knew that Leia and Luke were brother and sister until much later too. But when you look back on it after watching the other movies you get the serious shakes since you realize that Darth Vader was TORTURING HIS OWN DAUGHTER. You would almost think that through the Force he might feel something, but perhaps Leia had a sort of ability to block him that made her impervious to these kind of things, an untrained by instinctive way to keep people from reading her. Why not? Rey did.

4. Young Frankenstein – Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

The term ‘father’ is more honorary in this one since Frederick brought the monster to life but, well, nevermind. Anyway, the kind of delusional mind that would even think about something like this is the kind that should rightfully freak anyone out since it’s utter madness. The act of bringing dead flesh back to life and giving it a mind of its own is something that’s been deemed as not only unholy but also as a bad idea as in almost every version of this tale since it’s original inception you can see that the monster isn’t quite as grateful for life as people might think he should be. But would you be grateful to be made out of dead body parts?

3. The Outlaw Josey Wales – Josey Wales

This is just one man that you don’t get mad. Josey lost his family to the Red Legs and spent years fighting against them as a result. But he was always looking for those that stole his family from him, as most fathers would. The differences is that Josey was so dang calm about it. He didn’t bat an eyelash when it came time to kill man and he didn’t hesitate when he found the Red Leg that killed his family. This is the kind of guy that you apologize to before he kills you just to make sure that you’ve made some peace and because it seems like a good idea. Josey Wales is a man that would probably come back from hell just to get his vengeance if he had to.

2. The Godfather – Vito Corleone

On his own the Godfather isn’t really an imposing character, but when you realize just how much power he has behind him then it becomes time to show some respect since he could have a person snuffed out without much effort. The thing about Don Corleone in this movie however is that while he does have the pull and the manpower to create a war in the streets, he also has the wisdom to know when to strike and when to sit still and pay attention. The only problem is that only one of his kids has this quality, and he’s the one that Don Corleone never wanted to see get into the family business.

1. The Godfather II – Michael Corleone

Until the death of his brother and his father Michael Corleone never really wanted the family business, but he took on the mantle without hesitating when he needed to. His manner was always quiet until he grew truly angry, and then his voice would rise in a whip crack before settling down again. Michael didn’t anger easily and he didn’t yell often. But when he did it meant that he was good and mad and things were about to get ugly for someone. The one thing about schemers is that they tend to find ways to get even without getting so mad that they lose all sense of reason. That was the one biggest strength of Michael Corleone beyond being a loving father, he knew how to get even with people.

The 70s dads were the guys that got things done in the movies.

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