The Five Best G-Rated Movies of the 90s

The Five Best G-Rated Movies of the 90s

Let’s just put out there and say that in the G-Rated movie section, Disney kind of ruled the 90s. In fact they’ve been on top for a while now when it comes the kids movies and it doesn’t seem as though it’s about to change since they’ve been snapping up whatever they can buy throughout the years. There’s nothing wrong with this since they do tend to put very enticing and very entertaining movies that have managed to grip the imagination and even transcend generations as those of us that have grown up watching them now get to share them with our children. The classics thankfully never seem to go out of style and even as the sequels have rolled on and TV shows have been made based from those movies we still remember the originals fondly and perhaps even get to watch them again when we have a few spare minutes.

Here are some of the most popular G-Rated movies from the 90s.

5. Pokemon: The First Movie

It wasn’t a total Disney blackout in the 90s since Pokemon was a very big phenomenon and the fact is that the first movie was something of a big deal. The idea that humanity had created a super-powerful Pokemon was something that was kind of cool, until of course the creation, as you might expect, became self-aware and began to terrorize those that had created it. There’s one thing that you can thank Mary Shelley for, and it’s the idea that one day the creation will almost always turn on the creator for no better reason than because it surpasses the creator in nearly every way. As a part of the Pokemon universe though this movie was met with a lot of expectation.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Having been originally written back in the 18th century this story has undergone a lot of changes and been through a few different versions until it finally reached Disney’s attention. What they did with was update it just a bit and make it easier for those watching to relate to it, which was obviously appreciated as nearly every little girl wanted to be like Belle when the movie came out. From her golden dress to the manner in which she composed herself, meaning she was not the helpless young woman that waited to be rescued, she was an inspiration that helped to push the role of women in Disney films to what it is now.

3. Aladdin

You could say Robin Williams had more to do with making this film a hit since the Genie was one of the most recognized characters in the entire movie. But overall the movie was great since it featured a few very big songs that became hits and was enjoyable the whole way through. But if you’ll notice it almost seemed like a struggle for some of the characters to really keep up with the Genie since he was such an overwhelming presence. That and the fact that Jasmine was yet another princess in a line of strong women that was finally stepping up and being a part of the action made this movie one to remember.

2. Toy Story

It’s kind of hard to tell what was better about this film, the fact that it made you wonder just what happened when you weren’t around and toys had the house to themselves, or the fact that Tim Allen and Tom Hanks played it off so well. It could be both in fact since the duo was so perfectly matched that putting anyone else into these roles seems like it would have been a huge mistake. The lovable cowboy and the straight-laced space ranger is about as close as it gets to cowboys and aliens without skipping over the line, but in this instance it worked since it was done in a way that was instantly loved and revered by those that watched it.

1. The Lion King

The Lion King was a huge testament to just how hard Disney’s animators work and how accurate they wanted to be when it came to how they represented each animal species in this movie. Granted, they’ve done a great job in the past and have never seemed to skimp on anything, but this time they were careful to get everything just right and managed to create a masterpiece that has continued to be counted as one of the best ever made. Added onto that is the musical score headed by Sir Elton John that just blew people away from the beginning and kept them entertained all the way through the movie. It’s not much of a wonder that this movie would be at the top of this, and many lists.

The G-Rated movie is usually discounted as kids’ stuff, but if a lot of us are being honest we still have a bit of emotional stock invested in such movies.

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