10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peter Rosello

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peter Rosello

Any time a person is connected to someone in the spotlight, some of that light shines on them as well. Best known for being the son of Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria, Peter Rosello has gotten a good deal of attention over the last several years. Unfortunately, however, most of that attention hasn’t been for anything good. Peter has developed a reputation for being somewhat of a rebel and he has had some issues with the law over the years. Only time will tell if Peter is able to turn things around, but for now there are already a lot of people who seem to have written him off. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Peter Rosello.

1. He Has Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

In January of 2022, news broke that Peter’s girlfriend called Miami authorities with claims that Peter slapped her. According to an article from Page Six, “The defendant then proceeded to knee the victim in her crotch area, causing her to fall down to the ground. The defendant then kicked the victim once while she was on the ground.”

2. He Is A Private Person

Even though his mom is a reality TV star, Peter doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who is obsessed with being in the spotlight. He is actually a lot more private than most people would probably guess. He has never been one to share details about his personal life and his social media content doesn’t reveal much about him.

3. He Is A Dog Lover

If you’ve ever had a dog you know there’s something indescribable about the bond between dogs and humans. The companionship is unmatched and having a dog can be a life changing experience. Although it’s unclear if Peter has a dog of its own, some of his Instagram posts show that he is definitely a dog person.

4. He Works In The Music Industry

Music is one of the few things that has the ability to bring people together and it’s something that has played an important role in Peter’s life. According to Peter’s Instagram profile, he is a talent manager. He is currently working with an artist named New Era Nell.

5. He Studied Business

Even though Peter has had his rough times, he’s also accomplished some good things along the way. According to an article on the Bravo website, Alexia said that Peter “studied business at the Paris School of Business, and there he met a beautiful German girl by the name of Lisa. He left Paris and came back home to Miami in 2017”.

6.He Has A Brother

Peter has a younger brother named Frankie. When Frankie was 13, he was involved in a serious car accident that left him recovering in the hospital for months. It appears that he may have also suffered brain damage as a result of the accident. Like Peter, Frankie has chosen to stay out of the spotlight.

7. He Worked In Real Estate

After coming back to the United States from Paris, Peter began focusing his attention on real estate. An old LinkedIn profile shows that he started working for a real estate company called Current Capital in 2017. It’s unclear whether he still works in this field.

8. He Loves Hanging Out By The Water

Peter is truly a Florida boy through and through. When the weather is nice (which it usually is) you can catch him outside hanging out by the water. Not only does he enjoy going swimming and soaking up some sun in the sand, but he also loves to go boating with friends.

9. He Was Arrested For Assaulting A Homeless Man

The domestic violence allegations against Peter aren’t the only time he’s been in trouble. In 2012, he was arrested for hitting a homeless man in the groin after he posted a video of himself committing the crime on YouTube. As you can imagine, lots of people were looking at Peter sideways after the incident, but he insisted that he doesn’t have anything against homeless people. Both Alexia and her husband came to Peter’s defense and claimed that he was just a kid who made a bad decision.

10. He Loves Trying Different Foods

Food has the ability to bring people together in ways that nothing else can. From enjoying favorite dishes with friends and family, to trying something new food is about much more than just sustenance. Although Peter may not think of himself as a foodie, he loves to eat and he isn’t afraid to try new dishes.

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