The Top 10 Movies About Dancing

Dancing is something that people have been doing for thousands of years. For some people dancing is a way to express emotions and creativity, for others it’s simply a way to let loose and socialize. Regardless of the reasons behind it, dance plays an important role in many people’s lives. As a result, it is something that has been visited time and time again throughout Hollywood history. Not only are dance movies usually fun to watch, but many of them also have relatable storylines about perseverance and building relationships. If you love to dance (and even if you don’t) there are some great movies out there that you may want to add to your watchlist. Keep reading to see our list of the 10 best movies about dancing.

10. Stomp the Yard

The 2007 movie Stomp the Yard follows the story of a dancer named DJ Williams (Columbus Short) who is known for competing in dance battles in the Los Angeles area. However, after his brother’s death and his own run-in with the law, DJ no longer feels passionate about dancing. When he gets the opportunity to go to college, he does his best to focus on his studies. However, it doesn’t take long for dance to be reintroduced to his life thanks to a battle between two fraternities.

9. Magic Mike

Magic Mike is one of those movies that people thought was going to suck other than the shirtless dancing, but it actually proved to be a pretty strong project. Starring Channing Tatum as the title character, Magic Mike puts an interesting spin on the typical stripper story.

8. Step Up

Long before Channing Tatum was Magic Mike, he was Tyler Gage in the 2006 movie Step Up. In the film, his character is a talented dancer who comes from a difficult background. When he finds himself paired up with a talented but privileged dancer for an important showcase, the two realize that they must work together in order to make their dreams come true.

7. You Got Served

You Got Served is one of those movies that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves. Released in 2004, You Got Served focused on two dance crews that are competing for respect and money. The movie stars the members of the R&B group B2K and it is widely considered a classic by Black millennials.

6. Save the Last Dance

Save the Last Dance was a massive success at the box office. The movie stars Julia Stiles as a talented ballet dancer who moves from the suburbs to Chicago. She has a difficult time adjusting to her new high school. However, through her love for dance, she connected with a classmate who became her dance partner and her love interest. Looking back, a lot of the dance moves in the film haven’t aged well, but if you’re looking for a movie that captures the essence of the early 2000s, this is definitely one you should watch.

5. Flash Dance

Flash Dance is widely considered one of the most iconic dance moves of the 1980s. In the movie, Jennifer Beals plays a talented young dancer who works during the day and focuses on her craft at night. With the support of her boss, she regains the confidence to pursue her dream of getting into a prestigious performing arts school.

4. Billy Elliot

Despite not being an American movie, Billy Elliot became extremely popular in the United States after its release in 2000. The film follows a young boy named Billy Elliot who falls in love with ballet and dreams of becoming a professional dancer. He ends up meeting a teacher who believes in Billy’s talent and helps him chase his dream.

3. Dirty Dancing

When people think about dance movies, Dirty Dancing is probably one of the first that comes to mind. The movie follows a teenage girl named Baby (Jennifer Grey) who, while on summer vacation with her parents, meets the dance instructor at the resort they’re staying at. He asks her to become his partner and they end up developing feelings for each other. However, Baby’s parents aren’t happy about the relationship. On top of being a major hit, Dirty Dancing taught the world one very valuable lesson: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

2. Footloose

The 1980s was clearly a great time for dance movies. Released in 1984, Footloose starred Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormack, a young man who moves from Chicago to a small suburb. Ren struggles to fit in, but that’s not the only problem he has. The town is very conservative and has outlawed dancing and rock music. Ren makes it his mission to bring music and happiness to his new community.

1. Fame

Fame is another 80s dance movie that is now considered a classic. The film is set at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City and follows a group of talented young performers. Not only are they trying to do their best to excel in their performances, but they are also dealing with the typical ups and downs of teenage life.

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