The Five Best Julia Stiles Movies of Her Career

Julia Stiles seems like someone we just don’t see enough of lately since at one point she was all over the place and was a welcome sight.  There have been a dozen or more reasons given for this and all of them are argumentative at the very least since it’s a matter of opinion and a lot of people are eager to throw their own in the ring. But given that she was popular in the 90s and early 2000s it does seem as though she might be due for a resurgence in her career eventually and some of her older stuff might be a good way to brush up on the woman she was when she was coming up. At this point it’s hard to tell if anything is going to come of her career in the future but one can only hope since she is worth the effort and she is capable of being a great supporting actor if not a lead at one point and time.

Here are some of the best movies she’s been a part of in her career.

5. The Omen

A lot of people turned their noses up at this remake which is kind of funny since a lot of fans seem so fickle about the movies they want to see remade and the ones that they don’t. In terms of effects and acting this movie wasn’t all that bad and Julia made it obvious that her character was flat out terrified of her son once it became obvious that he was out to get her. That being said, the movie followed just about every line of the original down to a tee with only a few deviations here and there that had to be made in order to update the film for viewers that might have otherwise felt it was too dated to be seen as worth the effort.

4. Mona Lisa Smile

Over the years there have been a lot of films that have dealt with the attempt to empower women and give them a chance to show that they can do so much more than they’ve been allowed throughout the history of this nation. This film was kind of looked at and then passed by like a museum exhibit by a lot of people but also commented upon by a few that thought it was worthwhile. In trying to change the lot of women in the American way of life a lot of people have garnered a great deal of criticism from so many fronts that the voices of those that have tried to speak out are often silenced or held down as it’s been for a long time, but this film was a powerful note that didn’t go away completely upon its release.

3. Save the Last Dance

Holding onto your dreams is an important part of life, but holding onto them when you lose someone important is a task that tends to break some people, especially when those people were the ones that held onto the dream with you. Sara is a young woman that knows what she wants and knows how to get it, but the drive has left her by the time she meets Derek. Thankfully her father and Derek both find a way to rekindle the love she has for dancing and give her something to believe in as she goes back into dancing and follows the dream that her mother had for from the beginning.

2. The Bourne Supremacy

Initially Nikki isn’t a big factor in this movie but eventually she takes on a slightly more pronounced role since she becomes an important piece of the puzzle for Jason to use in order to find out more about his past and what he’s still missing. After a while though it becomes obvious that the two of them have shared more than he recalls and that she’s lamenting what was lost when he went AWOL and found a big chunk of his memory missing. The Bourne movies were a chance for Julia to make something of a comeback but at the same time it was also obvious that she was little more than a supporting cast member.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You

Kat was that girl in high school that no one seemed able to approach since she was the kind of person that might shred you on an intellectual level and possibly on a physical one if you decided to keep coming. But she did care enough about her sister Bianca that she wanted her to have a good time in school, which meant sucking up her pride at one point and deciding to go to the prom despite not wanting to. But once she started opening up to the man that was trying to win her heart she found that she simply couldn’t be without him any longer.

We need Julia Stiles to come back to the spotlight, simple as that.

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