10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jimmy O. Yang

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jimmy O. Yang

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jimmy O. Yang

The world really got to know Jimmy O. Yang when he took the part of Jian-Yang in the HBO series, “Silicon Valley,” back in 2014. He really brought the role to life even though his character was listed as recurring. Fans loved to see him take the character where he took him, and they were even more excited when the young actor went on to star in even more roles following this one. He’s made quite a name for himself in the acting industry, and we want to know more about him. He and “Vampire Diaries,” actress Nina Dobrev are all over the headlines right now, and it’s got fans wanting to know every little thing about the actor.

1. He is an 80s Kid

Though he did not live in the states when he was born and his childhood was vastly different than those of us who were born and raised here, he’s an 80s kid all the way. He didn’t go to school with a cell phone. He didn’t have social media or even know what the internet was when he was a child (because it did not exist for us yet). He was born in British Hong Kong on June 11, 1987.

2. He Moved Abroad

As a child, he moved abroad. While most of us think that means he moved to Europe or something, it means he came to America. His family relocated from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when he was in middle school. He already had some family here, most specifically a grandmother and an aunt. His family moved here to join them.

3. His Family Had Good Reasons for Coming to the US

In addition to wanting to join the family already in the states, his family knew that he needed and deserved a better education and life than the one he led in Hong Kong. They wanted their son to have more opportunities and access to educational facilities superior to what he had to choose from in his Hong Kong home.

4. He Went to a Famous High School

O. Yang and his family came to America when he was in middle school. However, when it was time for high school, he attended perhaps the most famous high school in the country. He was a student at Beverly Hills High School. It’s the school many famous celebrity children attended, and he knows many of them personally.

5. He Went to College

Following his high school graduation, he attended college. No one is surprised considering his family did move him to America for a good education. He attended the University of California, San Diego campus. He graduated in 2009. His degree is in economics, though we don’t believe he’s currently using his college degree for anything.

6. He is a Comedian

Perhaps the most important thing to learn about Jimmy O. Yang is that he is a comedian. Not just any comedian, either; he’s actually funny. He’s dry and witty, and his humor is just plain funny. He has been engaged in the stand-up comedy world since he was old enough to legally order a drink, and he’s been making a name for himself since.

7. He is an American Citizen

He’s lived here much longer than he did not live here, and he is a proud American citizen. He did the work, he took the test, and he earned his American citizenship back in 2015. It was a proud moment for the young actor.

8. He’s Worked with His Father

Did we mention that his father also took up acting as a hobby and way of life? He did, and the two have been so fortunate to work together. They starred in a “Patriots Day,” together. His father played his father. Of course, that must have been quite the departure (we kid).

9. He Speaks Several Languages

As if learning just one is not difficult enough, this is a man who speaks a solid four languages. Four. Obviously, he speaks English. However, he also speaks Mandarin Chinese. He speaks Cantonese, and he speaks Shanghainese. Considering his family did come from Shanghai, that does make sense for him to have learned the language.

10. He’s Starring in a Movie with Nina Dobrev

After they meet online, she falls madly in love with him and surprises him by flying across the country to meet his character. The only problem is that O. Yang’s character wasn’t using his own photos to begin his online relationship with Dobrev. He used his friend’s photos, and she’s shocked to find out their entire relationship is based on a lie – but fans are loving this movie, and we cannot wait to see it.

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