9 Plot Twists We Never Expected In Vampire Diaries

9 Plot Twists We Never Expected In Vampire Diaries

9 Plot Twists We Never Expected In Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries kept us on the edge of our seats for years with the never-ending twists and turns in the plot. Check out the top 9 plot twists that we deemed noteworthy during the series eight season run.

1. Jenna Gets Turned Into A Vampire

Jenna Sommers was Elena’s and her brother’s aunt. She was also a fun parental figure for them since their parents were killed in a car accident. She didn’t find out about the vampires and the supernatural beings living in their town until Season 2. However, Klaus needed a vampire for his sacrifice, when Caroline and Katherine got free and Damon was bit by a werewolf his options were limited. Yet, no one expected him to turn Jenna and sacrifice her.

2.  Caroline Becomes A Vampire

Most of the viewers despised Caroline in Season 1. After all, she was Elena and Bonnie’s shallow, materialistic and selfish friend. At the end of Season 2 premiere she was suffocated to death with a pillow. Fortunately, she had a been fed Damon’s blood earlier and when she died she became a vampire.  The thought of Caroline becoming a vampire never crossed any of our minds. Becoming a vampire changed Caroline and she became a fan favorite.

3. Enzo gets killed
In a show like a Vampire Diaries death is a recurring theme. Enzo’s death came out of nowhere. There was no looming danger or threat. Bonnie had finally found her “happily ever after” ending in Enzo when a possessed Stefan appeared behind him and ripped his heart out of his chest. Enzo’s death was gruesome and it broke Bonnie’s heart.

4. The Original’s Sire Line

As their name implies, the Originals were the first vampires. When they were introduced to the show, they pose a threat and Stefan and Damon were determined to kill them. However, the Originals were too powerful and killing them was impossible. Just when Stephan and Damon figured out how to kill them they learned that by killing one of the Originals they would also wipe out the entire line of vampires that came from their blood line. Stefan and Damon were from Klaus bloodline and since Stefan had turned Elena she was also from Klaus bloodline. Killing Klaus would wipe them out as well.

5. The Sun and Moon Curse Was A Hoax

Later on in Season 2, Klaus reveals that the sun and moon curse which forced vampires inside during daylight and werewolf’s to turn on the full moon was a myth. Klaus made up the curse because he was desperate to break the actual curse that had been placed on him.  Breaking this curse would allow Klaus to access his werewolf side which had been laying doormat in him for several years. This truth was shocking but it also brought some relief to our favorite characters.

6. Klaus Turns Tyler Into A Hybrid

In Season 2 Tyler becomes a character of interest when Klaus turns him into a hybrid. After years of trying to make healthy hybrids Klaus discovers that Elena’s blood is key to successfully breeding hybrids.  So he feeds Tyler Elena’s blood and snaps his neck.  As a new hybrid, Tyler has a undying devotion to Klaus that eventually turns into pure hate. It sucks that Tyler and Caroline’s relationship was blossoming before this happened. Tyler’s newfound abilities initially threatens to ruin that.

7.  Vicki is turned into a vampire

Vicki’s transition was definitely one of the worst decisions that Damon ever made. Vicki Donovan was a young woman with many issues and becoming a vampire only made her life worse. Vicki was a unstable vampire and she was a public safety threat and because of her actions she had to be killed.

8.  Stefan is also a doppelgänger

It looks like Elena isn’t the only doppelgänger on the show. Season 4 focused on Silas the most powerful warlock and immortal being in history. At the end of Season 4 , Stefan Salvatore comes face to face with Silas and learns that he is his doppelgänger. However, Stefan isn’t Silas only doppelgänger. This discovery is one of the biggest twist and turns in the entire season.

9. Katherine Becomes Human Again

Katherine’s entire existence has been based on survival. Centuries ago she turned herself into a vampire to avoid being sacrificed by Klaus. Over the years, Katherine has put herself first and has even left others for dead if meant that her would be spared. Once Elena became a vampire, viewers were hoping to see her and Katherine battle it on an equal playing field. But Elena does something more devastating she force-feeds Katherine the cure turning her back into human form.

What were your favorite moments from Vampire Diaries? Let us know below.Damon

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