The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Elena Returns with or Without Nina Dobrev

There was a collective shock in the Vampire Diaries circle when Nina Dobrev initially left the show, and now it seems there will be just as big a shock if she doesn’t return for the final season.  Everyone’s now asking the question “will she or won’t she?” when it comes to the CW hit series.   Sources say that “The Vampire Diaries” had very high hopes that Dobrev would in fact return for the final season but now that things are wrapping up, and Dobrev hasn’t fully committed, the show is preparing to move on without her.

In an earlier interview with series creator Julie Plec, Elena was to be a central character to close out the series after eight seasons.  You may recall that Dobrev left the show after season 6.  Her character has been sleeping and will only be awakened if Bonnie dies.

In a TVLine interview with actor Ian Somerhalder, who plays the vampire Damon in the series, Elena will still be part of the finale whether Dobrev works with them physically or not. The report hinted that Sybil’s attempt to manipulate Damon will play heavily into the Elena-centric arc.

“Elena never really left. She’s always ever-present, and she plays a great deal into Damon’s morality, his understanding of who he is – especially in these last episodes,” he said.

The final show is set to air on March 10th.  Once the show ends, it’s spinoff show “The Originals” will take its time slot.   That show is slated to begin its fourth season.  For those who miss Nina Dobrev here’s a highlight videos of her time on the show:

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