10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jess Bush

Jess Bush is making big moves. She’s a young actress who knew what she wanted to do with her life growing up, and now she’s become a household name based on a show that’s been around for decades. She’s part of the new Star Trek franchise, and she is succeeding. Her new fans want to know more about her, so we are here to bring you all the information we’ve found about her so far.

1. She Was on Reality Television

Her biggest claim to fame when she was younger was her drive to become a modelling sensation. She was so talented that she landed a spot on Tyra Banks’ highly coveted reality show called America’s Next Top Model, Australia edition. She was on the season 7 show.

2. She is Young

She is a young woman born in the early 1990s. She wasn’t born so late in the decade that she didn’t get to enjoy a normal childhood without electronics and the internet constantly in her pocket. She was born on March 26, 1992.

3. She’s an Actress Now

Now that she is doing big things with her career, she thought she might add acting to the mix. She’s currently one of the stars of a huge show – part of the Star Trek family – and she is having the time of her life filming.

4. She is Australian

She was born and raised in Australia, and had to move to Toronto in less than a month to take on her new role in the Star Trek series. It was a time of her life she knew she had to seize, and she made it happen without a single regret.

5. She is Honored

She’s Nurse Christine Chapel, and she was never anxious about taking on the role. Instead, she felt privileged that she got to be part of something so momentous and was so thrilled during this major time in her life. She doesn’t experience any negative pressure or feelings of melancholy either.

6. She Already Has Fans

What she really appreciates is that there are already long-time Trekkies – what people who are huge fans of Star Trek call themselves – reaching out to her to tell her what a fantastic job she is doing in this role. She has been instrumental to the success of the new show, and it has been something she has truly enjoyed. Having fans reach out to tell her she is really doing an excellent job taking on such an iconic role has been a huge deal for her.

7. She’s an Artist

We know her as an actress, a form of art in its own right. But she is also a visual artist, a literal artist who creates artwork. She wants her fans to know that her work is not meant to dictate how they should feel, but rather to give them a chance to see something they wouldn’t otherwise and spark an emotion.

8. She Has a Dream

Every actress does have a dream, and it is one of her aspirations to one day take on a very specific role. She has a very unique vision of what she’d like to do once in her life, and that is to play a villain. But, she doesn’t want to be the kind of villain people love to hate. She wants to be the kind that is nothing short of completely heinous, and we are here for it.

9. She Loves Hollywood

Being a part of Hollywood when you’ve only ever been part of Australian television is a huge change, and one that she loves. She wasn’t afraid of it, but she does embrace and adore the fact that there is so much excitement and so much creativity in Hollywood. At present, she is living her absolute best life.

10. She Tends to be Quite Private

Something she’s made very clear in her own life is how much she values the private aspect of her life. She gives a little when asked, but she is much more comfortable sharing things such as her work than her personal life, and that is lovely.

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