Which “Star Trek” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Star Trek” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Whether you’re an OG fan of the original series, Next GenerationDeep Space Nine, the recent J.J. Abram’s reboot trilogy, or any of the other spin-offs and movies; one thing is universal–the catalogue of canon characters is ridiculously long. Trying to narrow each zodiac sign down to a single character was nearly impossible to do, but alas, I have done it. Curious to see which Starfleet Officer, Lieutenant, Commander, or Captain represents your sign? Then, set your phasers to stun, and get ready to hit the warp core, because I’ve broken it down for you.

Aries- Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy (Original Series)

This one was easy, Aries. Bones is witty and quick on his feet, never afraid to tell anyone how he really feels. I mean, he coined the phrase “Dammit, Jim!” and that is classic Aries behavior. He’s a begrudging member of the U.S.S Enterprise, and a realist when it comes to the dangers and treacheries of space; but he takes his job seriously, and he’s always there for people when they need him.

Taurus- Cpt. Kathryn Janeway (Voyager)

Cpt. Janeway is a wise and evolved Taurus. She’s stubborn in ways that benefit the people around her, able to dig her heels in and stand firm when she knows it’s the right thing to do. You don’t mind being a dissenting voice, and you take responsibility and reliability very seriously (you’re an earth sign, it’s kind of your gig). She’s equally good at providing counsel to crewmates as she is at commanding the helm of the U.S.S Voyager.

Gemini- Lt. Cdr. Worf (Next Generation/Deep Space Nine)

You get a bad rep, Gemini. Much like Worf, you can be misunderstood in your intentions, because you have a tendency to keep your feelings to yourself. You’re good in large groups, with the ability to charm even those most suspicious of your creed and morals. You’re a rare breed, but you don’t allow yourself to celebrate what makes you unique. Fly your flag high, Gemini, because few can bring to the table what you can.

Cancer- Lt. Nyota Uhura (Original Series)

Cancer, you’re sort of a bomb of emotions all the time that’s just waiting to go off. But, the silver lining to those overwhelming emotions, is your tendency for lending a helping hand. You gain fulfillment from helping those who can’t help themselves, and you’re not afraid to break a rule or two to make that happen. Much like Lt. Uhura, you’ve probably got a hard outer shell; but that’s only to protect the delicate balance of emotions underneath the surface.

Leo- Adm. James T. Kirk (Original Series)

I mean, hello, this man started a franchise that is now over 55 years old. Kirk is the original space cowboy, breaking rules at every turn and he couldn’t be bothered to care less. He’s a vigilante Captain, but this is also the reason he was able to pass the Kobayashi Maru (a test that was thought to be unpassable). In typical Leo fashion, he’s a womanizer who makes most situations about himself. But also in typical Leo fashion, we kinda love him for it.

Virgo- Cpt. Christopher Pike (Discovery)

Not much to say here, Virgo. Much like Cpt. Pike, you’re the original blueprint that everyone else wants to mimic. You’re notoriously strong-willed and always willing to lead a charge when others are too afraid. Pike represents the best that earth signs have to offer; reliability, practicality, composure, and thought-through decision-making. He will go down in history as one of the most decorated and admired Captains in Starfleet’s history, and that’s big Virgo energy. When you do something, you do it to win, Virgo.

Libra- Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard (Next Generation/Picard)

You are a delicate balancing act, Libra. And few can juggle life’s challenges and trials like you can (and you make it look easy). Cpt. Picard gives textbook Libra energy. He’s dedicated to his team, brave in his duty, and unafraid to bend or break the rules if it’s what’s best for his crew. He presides as the mother hen of his spacecraft, and has a romantic and optimistic approach to honor and integrity. He’s a class act, just like you, Libra.

Scorpio- Lt. Cdr. Spock (Original Series)

No one can represent the emotional whirlwind under the surface of a Scorpio than Spock. As a half-human half-Vulcan hybrid, he’s consistently struggling with the weight of his emotions (that he tries to deny; classic Scorpio) and the duty he has to the U.S.S. Enterprise. He was never taught to sort through his emotions, being raised on Vulcan and taught the Vulcan way of life. But you’re capable of great empathy, Scorpio, and this is clearly evident in Spock’s relationship with Kirk and Uhura. When you love, you love deep; and that’s a virtue.

Sagittarius- Cpt. Hikaru Sulu (Original Series)

Sulu Supremacy! Sulu is such a Sag, and he’s actually the reason I wanted to do a zodiac breakdown for Star Trek. He’s quippy, passionate, brave, charismatic, and a total cowboy of a pilot. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is typical Sag behavior, and he’s incredible at making snap or impulse decisions (another Sag trait). You can be a firecracker at times, Sag, but we love you for it; and nothing is ever boring with you around.

Capricorn- Data (Next Generation)

Capricorn, you knew this one was coming. Data is an android who is quite literally incapable of human emotion and programmed for maximum efficacy and intellect. Do you feel called out? Because Data is you, Capricorn. What you lack in emotional capabilities, you more than make up for in ambition, practicality, logic, and intellect. If you harness your vulnerability, the world is truly yours for the taking.

Aquarius- Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott (Original Series)

You do things your way, Aquarius. And much like Scotty, ‘your way’ is often unconventional and unhinged. Scotty represents the best that Aquarians have to offer: intelligence, humor, off-beat charm, and resourcefulness. If you gave this man an orange and told him to fix the warp core, I’m willing to bet money he’d be able to do it. You may not know everything (even if you think you do), Aquarius, but you’re going to figure it out or die trying.

Pisces- Cdr. Deanna Troi (Next Generation)

Cdr. Troi is quite literally a telepathic empath. If that’s not a Pisces, I really don’t know what is. She’s highly emotionally and intellectually evolved, which is big Pisces energy. She repeatedly puts others before herself, unafraid to make sacrifices for loved ones, crewmates, and strangers alike. Like you, Pisces, Deanna can be naive and can forget to put her own interests first; but that comes with the territory of being the wisest and most empathetic in the zodiac.

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