Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Deep Space Nine?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Deep Space Nine?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Deep Space Nine?”

Deep Space Nine was set up to appease the fans by giving them another crew to get used to and another mission to accomplish in the name of the Federation. When the abandoned station is given over to Federation management a new crew is brought on and a whole new set of problems and opportunities is created. When an active worm hole is discovered near the station it becomes less of an exploratory waystation than a military outpost that is used to actively guard against any enemies that might be using the worm hole as an access point into the Milky Way galaxy. In this capacity the crew of DS9 were able to help the Federation in keeping their borders secure.

So what happened to the cast after this show finally went off the air?

Michael Dorn – Worf

Worf has managed to be placed in a lot of Star Trek shows as a means of integrating the character with more than one cast. Michael Dorn has become one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise and as a Klingon is probably one of the toughest. He’s been in a lot of different films and TV shows, and has lent his voice to a lot of animated features and video games. If you guessed that he took up the mantle of Worf in the games then you’re correct of course.

Colm Meaney – Miles O’Brien

Colm has been a busy man and if you remember right he was quite popular as O’Brien. In fact one could almost say that he achieved at least a good portion of the same fame that Scotty had back in the day, though not quite as fanatical perhaps. But aside from the show he’s been busy in films and TV, though if people ever see him the one thing they tend to think about is his time spent in Star Trek.

Cirroc Lofton – Jake Sisko

It would seem that Cirroc’s career has slowed down quite a bit throughout the years but it’s interesting to note that DS9 was his big breakout role and his first major role on TV series. Since then he’s been acting still, but things have quieted down quite a bit.

Armin Shimerman – Quark

Armin is of course known as Quark, one of the most annoying and yet most endearing characters on the show. For his own part he was loved by a lot of fans and yet no one could deny he was something of a nuisance most of the time since he never seemed to shut up and always had something up his sleeve. Armin though has been very busy since the show ended and has been going back steadily between TV and movies.

Terry Farrell – Jadzia Dax

If you recall Terry from somewhere it might be that you saw one of her past movies such as her first one, Back to School. She hasn’t done nearly as much with her career as some of the other cast members and seems to have taken great chunks of time off in between projects. This was done to spend more time with her family, but currently she’s back to acting and has been seen in several productions since her return.

Rene Auberjonois – Odo

Rene has been around long enough to have done quite a bit with his career, which would include more than a few Star Trek appearances. But following the show he has made himself known in films like The Patriot, Inspector Gadget, and several TV shows where he appeared as a guest star. He’s the type of guy that you recognize almost instantly but have to think of where you’ve seen him.

Alexander Siddig – Julian Bashir

Alexander has done a number of things since the show that are more than noteworthy. His role in Kingdom of Heaven was very well done, and he also showed up in Vertical Limit with Chris O’Donnell, Reign of Fire, and he also showed up on Game of Thrones as a very powerful man until he was killed off, big surprise, by one of his own people. He’s done plenty since the show and is still very active.

Avery Brooks – Benjamin Sisko

Avery actually retired in 2011 but before he did he managed to lay down some rather impressive roles. There was one that comes to mind in a movie that wasn’t great but was at the very least amusing, The Big Hit. He played a tough guy that ran a mercenary outfit and was not to be messed with. Then there was his role as a teacher in American History X, where he absolutely nailed it.

Nana Visitor – Kira Nerys

Nana really hasn’t done a whole lot since DS9 but she has stayed fairly active with TV appearances. She’s even participated in the video games, lending her voice when asked and no doubt showing up at conventions.

So while some of them have gone on to great careers, others have kind of just drifted off or retired entirely.

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