How to Make a Simple Mechanical Robotic Hand From Cardboard

You wouldn’t normally think about cardboard when thinking about making a robotic hand. But it doesn’t appear that there’s anything simple about this really, especially since you really have to be up on the idea of just what it is that you’re doing and where all the parts are going to go. The hand is kind of a dynamic part of your body that doesn’t warrant a whole lot of attention by some people. Those that work with their hands do and don’t pay a great deal of attention to their most valuable tools. But when you see this hand come together you get a slightly better idea of what it’s like to really see the hand in action.

Just wiggle your fingers a little bit and see how your hand moves. You might have done this in the past just out of sheer boredom, but take a really good look and see how the tendons, the bones, and everything just seems to come together and work in a stunning manner that you don’t think about often enough. Then watch this video and try to figure out just how the hand is put together, how it works as one functioning unit with many parts, and how all of it is needed in order to work the way it should. It might blow your mind or it might not, but it’s surely going to get your attention when you really think about the many actions your hands perform each day and how they go about doing that with the complex array of materials that go into making them. Thinking about what it means to take care of your hands at this point seems like it would become a bigger priority when you start to realize just how really important your hands are and how much goes into their operation. It also makes more sense how babies and children have such issues when it comes to grabbing things and holding onto them in their earlier years.

Just as the functions of the hands vary the manner in which they’re put together doesn’t. Hands are needed by many species to do anything. Those species that don’t have them have evolved to use other appendages in various ways to get by. But overall the hand is really one of the most useful things in all of existence. Without our hands we’d be forced to rely on other means to get around, perform various actions, and just live our lives the way we want to. Creating a cardboard hand with moving parts that can be manipulated in this fashion simply makes you think and come to realize just how much value your hands have and why they shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s an odd thing to say since many people don’t think too much about their hands. They don’t need to really so long as they understand how fortunate it is that they were born with both.

It’s amazing how much a simple construct can make us think about the far deeper meaning of what we don’t always think about.

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