The Top Five J.K. Rowling Quotes on Donald Trump

The Top Five J.K. Rowling Quotes on Donald Trump

The popular Harry Potter author has proven she can astound and amaze people with her writing, which is why her stance on the United State’s president is worthy enough of being noticed by so many others. There is absolutely no doubt how she feels about Trump, and in truth it seems to echo similar sentiments of many others that have stood against Trump since his decision to run for office. What seems to be highly most amusing however is that several of her more memorable quotes have been seen to use a format that the POTUS seems to have mastered.

Here are our picks for the top 5 J.K. Rowlings quotes on Trump

5. Maybe by hitting ctrl-alt-del simultaneously and pray, perhaps we can force 2016 to reboot.

We all wish it was that easy. Better yet, maybe we could make a video recording spanning the past three months and take it back with us to show people just what’s going to happen. It might change a few minds very quickly.

4. When a person this arrogant & simple has control of a nuclear arsenal, it becomes the concern of every person.

There’s no denying that the current POTUShas, in many ways, acted like a giant, spoiled child that says one thing only to do another. He’s showed no actual leadership and does in fact get riled up and tends to do things that people simply don’t understand. Case in point, a video on Facebook that’s gone viral of the American president pushing his way past other world leaders to insure that he’s in front. Think he’d be that way if it came to pushing a button?

3. Those that tell us all that they speak about females exactly as @realDonaldTrump did in his interviews seem to think they’re helping.

This seems an ill-advised attempt to protect Trump’s reputation at all costs, including male dignity and respect for those that made such a poor choice to jump on his bandwagon. What was that saying about two wrongs? Apparently two wrongs can make a president these days.

2. Well, there you have it. A highly intelligent, experienced woman just debated a giant orange Twitter egg. Your move, America.

This one just seems mean, but accurate. Rowlings is obviously no slouch in letting what she think spill forth. Being a best-selling author one can see it as obvious that she is comfortable with her words.

1. Trump says that words and facts don’t matter. If they are meaningless, we’re all lost.

It might seem feasible to say that what is said doesn’t always matter, but what is known and relied upon is an entirely different subject. If what peopl know to be true doesn’t matter then Trump’s presidency shouldn’t matter at all. That might actually make people feel better about his continued run as POTUS, at least until he decides to amend such a statement. You’ve got to give props to Rowlings for being able speak her mind.


Whether a person supports our current POTUS or not, any idea that people can speak against or for him is a very real fact of life. While J.K Rowlings has said a mouthful without saying all that much at times, her opinion is just one of many that seems to insinuate that this “orange Twitter egg” is anything but fit for his current role. Maybe she has a point.

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