Keith David Wants To Voice A Particular MCU Character

Keith David Wants To Voice A Particular MCU Character

Keith David

If there’s one actor who has one of the most distinctive voices ever, it’s Keith David. This man has got to be one of the most underrated actors ever. But I have a theory on that. He often plays supporting characters in most of his movies, but he made quite a career being a voice actor. For all you ’90s kids out there, you already know his most famous voice acting role. And if you have HBO Max, you probably had the chance to rewatch all of it. Any guesses? I’m talking about the animated Spawn series that was very much not for kids. Boy, that was a brutal series and I wouldn’t call it a cartoon. However, there is probably no way that show would have worked if Keith David wasn’t voicing the titular anti-hero. It’s a real shame it never continued.

On a fun side, Keith David also has one of the greatest fight scenes in action movie history. If you’ve never seen the 1988 action movie They Live, you’re seriously missing out. Again, Keith David plays a supporting role, but holy smokes, does he have a crazy fight scene with Roddy Piper’s character. That one fight scene was just two men duking it out, no crazy moves, no weapons, just their fists and dirty shots. You might even feel pain by just watching it. So along with his unique and masculine voice, Keith David has that under his belt.

Even after all these years, Keith David just keeps lending his voice for our entertainment. He’s been in almost everything and anything you can think of, including supporting roles in Armageddon, Platoon, The Princess and the Frog, and Death at a Funeral. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. You can add dozens of voice acting roles in multiple video games as well. That would include Arbiter Thel Vadam in the Halo games, David Anderson in the Mass Effect trilogy, Sergeant Foley in Modern Warfare 2, and basically himself in Saints Row IV.

Oh, and since I mentioned his iconic voice role as Spawn, I just have to mention his other famous voice role as Goliath from the Gargoyles animated series. Along with Spawn, that is Keith David’s most famous voice acting role. And much like the Spawn series, the Gargoyles series wouldn’t have worked if Goliath wasn’t voiced by Keith David. That voice was just meant to voice some of the most coolest characters ever.

So just imagine if Keith David were to voice a character from Marvel. Oh, I can think of a few characters he would be perfectly suited for, but it turns out Keith David himself has one particular character in mind. The actor was asked on Twitter if he would be the voice of none other than Beta Ray Bill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His response: He would do it in a “New York minute.” I’ve never heard that one before, but I guess things just go faster in New York City. But either way, it sounds like Keith David is very enthusiastic about it. Of course, no one is saying it will happen, but let’s face it, it probably should.

This is a situation where Keith David wouldn’t even have to actually play the character. All he has to do is read the lines for the audio and we’ll have our Beta Ray Bill for the MCU. This character was already teased in the MCU back in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. It was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but when we got to look at the tower for the champions of Sakaar, you could see a giant metal head that resembles Beta Ray Bill’s. So not only was Beta Ray Bill once a champion of Sakaar’s gladiatorial arena, but it also confirms he exist in the MCU.

Beta Ray Bill is a very underrated character from Marvel and could serve as a suitable replacement for Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor in the MCU. This is actually one of the few characters in the Marvel Universe who is worthy of lifting up Mjolnir. Now that is an impressive feat. Now that Thor is wielding Stormbreaker, there’s room for another magic hammer-wielding powerhouse to take his place. Yeah, I know, that spot is already being filled with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. She’ll be taking up the mystical hammer and becoming the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s clear that Thor will be passing the torch down to her, but why not have two Thors?

How many Thors are there in the comics? Oh, quite a few, but Jane Foster and Beta Ray Bill have to be right under the God of Thunder himself. If you want an idea on what Beta Ray Bill sounds like, watch the animated Planet Hulk movie. Now just imagine if that voice was replaced with Keith David’s voice. Oh man, that would make for one badass character that could possibly be cooler than Thor himself. I know that’s a tall mountain to climb, but Beta Ray Bill can do it.

Just a little history behind this character, he comes from an alien race called the Korbinites, an extraterrestrial species with horse-like faces. They look menacing, but despite appearances, Beta Ray Bill is still worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer. That alone should earn him the right to debut in the MCU. We know that is inevitable, but the only question is when and where. My guess is that Marvel will wait until Jane Foster’s Thor is fully established and then she could meet some allies with similar powers. And if you ask me, they already have their actor picked out and ready to go. Who better than Keith David?

That statue from Thor: Ragnarok could have been another member of the Korbinite species for all we know. But even if that wasn’t Beta Ray Bill, I believe that was a teaser that implies Marvel plans on bringing him in the near-future. Again, if Keith David is willing to do it, then Marvel should at least consider him. What are your thoughts, Marvel fans?

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