What is the Diamond Power of Veto on Big Brother?


If you’r new to the reality television competition “Big Brother,” then you might still be trying to figure out the rules of the game. One of the terms used is the Diamond Power of Veto. This is just one of several Power of Vetos that has been instituted by the creators of the show. It takes a little explanation and background to fully understand the impact of this power for houseguests, or players in the Big Brother contest, so here is a complete explanation that will help you to better understand what it is and how it can be used in the contest.

The contestant who owns the Power of Veto may use it to remove a nomination from the nomination block. It also grants the holder safety if one of the nominees is removed with the exception that the person is the only replacement nominee. Contestants, also known as houseguests, compete weekly for the award of the Power of Veto, and it may be awarded via a random draw, or in more rare circumstances, it is given as a prize found in Pandora’s Box.

There are three different types of Power of Veto

A holder of the Silver Power of Veto has the opportunity to use it to remove another houseguest from the nomination block. This kind of POV cannot, however, but used to remove the holder from the nomination block. It can only be used once and if the holder chooses to have a houseguest removed from the nomination block then the head of household will make the decision for a replacement nominee. This POV was used in the third season.

The Golden Power of Veto

The Golden Power of Veto was first introduced as a thing during the third season of the show. This POV is slightly different than the Silver type. The holder of the Golden POV may also have a houseguest removed from the nomination block if they choose to do so, but unlike the Silver POV, they can also use this POV to have themselves removed from the nomination block. If the holder opts to use the POV, then, as with the Silver POV, the head of household decides upon a replacement for the nomination block.

The Diamond Power of Veto

The first time that the Diamond Power of Veto appeared in the contest was during the latter part of the fourth season. This Power of Veto works much ike the Golden Power of Veto in that the holder may choose to have one nominee removed from the nomination block, including themselves. They also retain the right to make the decision for the replacement nominee, which gives the holder of the Diamond Power of Veto the most control of the three POVs. The Diamond POV can be awarded as a prize for winning a competition and in some instances, the Golden POV can be changed into the Diamond POV. The holder of the Power of Veto is not required to use it unless they choose to, so it’s not something that is going to expire if they don’t use it.

Who has the Diamond Power of Veto now?

Christie is currently the houseguest who holds the Diamond Power of Veto in season 21 of Big Brother. She won the Panic Power competition in Whacktivity after Ovi left without having the chance to use it. So now, the big question is whether or not she is going to use it to benefit her alliance. Since Cliff is targeting both Jack and Michie, it may be their only chance for remaining in the house, but if she does use it to save one of her buddies. Michie already stated that he wanted to be put on the block so the team would have a pawn to use to use Christie’s Diamond Power of Veto to have him removed, and then put one of the other team’s players up on the nomination block in his place. It’s plain to see that there is a lot of plotting, scheming and deliberation going on as the six houseguests are all plotting their strategies to make it into the final run for the $500,000 prize.

The Diamond Power of Veto could cause a serious conflict

Although the plan that Michie and Christie have come up with to gain an advantage sounds good, there is one big potential complication. If both Jack and Michie are placed on the nomination block for eviction from the house, then Christie is going to have to make a choice between the two of them, and this means that one of them will be in peril of leaving the house. It’s not a perfect plan and there’s a lot that could go wrong, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Final thoughts

Of all of the Powers of Veto types that there are, the Diamond, so far, is the most advantageous, particularly as the season begins to near its end. The holder can hang onto it until it is time for the eviction ceremony, so it is very much like a get out of jail free card in Monopoly. There is nothing easy about the Big Brother contest and there is a lot of strategizing and an equal amount of trust that the houseguests much have in their alliances because they can make you or break you in the show. There are other kinds of Powers of Veto, than the three we’ve just discussed, but these are the most weighty and the Diamond POV grants the most control to the houseguest who is fortunate enough to be the holder. As for Christie, Jack and Michie, it sounds like they have a decent amount of protection as long as she is holding the Diamond POV, but once she uses it, this advantage will be gone. There’s no way to guess what will happen as the season progresses so we’ll all just have to keep watching to find out if she’s going to use it to save one of her alliances, and if there are two of them on the block, which one she will decide to save.

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