10 Things You Didn’t Know about Travis “T-Bone” Turner

When you think of a man who spends his time outdoors, who loves to hunt and fish and do everything that an avid outdoorsman does, you think of a man just like Travis “T-Bone” Turner. He’s the man behind the Outdoor Channel show that uses his own name, and of course, his nickname is T-Bone. Who would want it to be anything else? He’s a man many people might pigeon-hole prior to getting to know him, but he’s so much more than just a man with a funny nickname that aptly fits his lifestyle. He’s worth getting to know, and it’s worth mentioning that the world is sending prayers and well-wishes to the reality television star as he battles cancer.

1. He is an Archer

There is nothing more important to him than archery. It is so important to him, in fact, that he has opened his own business that allows him to focus on archery all day, every day, and there is nothing about that he does not love.

2. He Loves Hunters

He loves being around people who are into the same things as he. Other hunters and archers bring him so much joy. He loves the camaraderie, the conversation, the good times. He is into what he does to a level that only someone with passion can be, and he never shies away from talking about his passions.

3. He is All About Relationships

While many people may think what he does is about archery and shooting, it is about making and forming relationships with like-minded people. It is what T-Bone finds the most joy in. He cultivates new relationships with new friends with whom he spends quality time, and it’s become something in his life that is as important as anything else.

4. His First Bow Was a Reward

He was 10. His dad bought him his first bow because he was succeeding in school with good grades. He’d never before used one, and he was afraid. He was 10, and he had yet to take part in the sport that would change his life forever. The moral of the story is that everyone has to start somewhere. Spoiler alert – he did not like it, and he did not use it again.

5. Peer Pressure Worked for Him

Unlike so many who are pressured by their peers into making questionable decisions in life, his friends talked him into using a bow again when he was almost 20. They were giving him a hard time for never using it and being afraid to use it. It was a game-changer for him when he picked it up and gave it another chance.

6. He’s a Football Player

Prior to his days as an archer and a hunter, he was a football player. He loved to be on the field when he was in high school. He made it his mission to bench press 300 pounds. He was a lineman, and he was good. He knew he was good, too, but he could not see himself using a bow and being any good at that.

7. He Loves to Fish

When he was growing up, he’d go fishing after school. He wasn’t into going hunting or using a bow at that point in his life, but he did leave school, practice football, and then go fishing. He and his friends did it all the time, and that is how they bonded and made memories.

8. He Had a Reputation

Until he was an archer, he had no idea the potential he had in life. He was reputed to be a chubby kid who was too slow to be any good at sports such as baseball and basketball. Football worked out for him because he was so big and he had the space to take up on the field. He didn’t feel as if he was himself in anything growing up until he was involved in his first archery tournament three days after he began practicing with his friends. He won.

9. His Dad Encouraged Him

Over the next few years, he was so involved in archery that he traveled every weekend all over the south to participate in tournaments. His father once told him that when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. That’s when T-Bone began to believe he might be able to turn this into a career for himself, and that is when the game really changed.

10. He’s Fighting Cancer

Sadly, the reality show star and business owner is dealing with a horrible tragedy in his own life. He is facing amputation of his right leg below the knee due to a rare form of cancer that is so bad in that area of his leg that treatment and removal is not possible without full removal of the bottom portion of his leg. Our thoughts, prayers, and hope for his recovery are all we’d like to share.

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