10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jerry Sykes

There are those who love to tune into TLC to watch shows about the lives of the morbidly obese and those with serious health issues, and then there are those of us who feel uncomfortable with the intrusive nature of shows that glorify the sadness, illnesses, and poor health of everyday Americans. TLC doesn’t care, though, and neither do any of the people they cast to take part in their own reality shows such as “1000-lb Sisters,” which is a show that follows the lives of two sisters so morbidly obese that together, they weigh more than a ton. While the world derives pleasure from what we are sure is their own personal pain and sadness, some people focus more on Jerry Sykes. He’s a man who was in a relationship with Tammy, one of the sisters on the show who desperately needs to get her life in order. Who is he, and why does the world care who he is?

1. He’s an Ex

When he was on the show, he was dating Tammy. She was working hard to lose enough weight to actually qualify to have surgery. Her doctor was clear about how she had to kick her own health into gear to qualify, and she wanted it badly. She was dating Jerry while trying desperately to lose weight to qualify for the surgery.

2. He Was Married

Something fans and Tammy’s own family did not know is that he was married to another woman while dating Tammy. It’s been alleged that Tammy did know he was a married man, and that she did not care, but she’s not yet commented on that one. His ex is the one who says Tammy knew about their marriage and simply did not care.

3. He Didn’t Care About Tammy’s Health

During his time on the show, he did not care at all about Tammy’s health. Her family even sat down to tell him that he was not being very supportive of Tammy as she was trying to lose weight. Rather than encouraging her and spending time helping her, he snacked in front of her, wanted to go out, and didn’t support her in any capacity.

4. Tammy’s Family Did not Care for Him

Tammy’s family made it very clear while she was dating Jerry that they are not fans. Both her brother and her sister made it clear that they did not like him, that they did not want to see her with him, and that they were not going to support this situation. However, she kept dating him.

5. Their Breakup Isn’t Because of Tammy’s Sexuality

When Tammy eventually told the world she is pansexual (defined as not feeling like a man or a woman), fans assumed that Jerry left her as a result. They assumed he did not want to be with someone who doesn’t know what she wants, but it turns out that their relationship ended because of him. It might not be easy to want to be with someone who is married to another woman, after all.

6. His Wife Found Out About Her Husband’s Infidelity on Television

His wife at the time of this show was Kia. She didn’t know her husband had another woman in her life. As far as she knew, they were happily married. However, she found out her husband was seeing another woman when the reality show aired and he was on television. Friends and family of her own told her about it, and then she watched her husband with another woman on television. Talk about mortifying.

7. His Ex Called Tammy A Homewrecker

Kia is the one who called Tammy a homewrecker. Traditionally, we are of the opinion that the person who goes out and seeks a relationship outside of their own marriage is the homewrecker, but she alleges that Tammy was perfectly aware and uncaring of her boyfriend’s marriage. We still think she needs to make it clear her ex is also a homewrecker.

8. He Has Seven Kids with His Ex

This is a man who has seven kids at home. Seven. That’s one more than six and one less than eight, and it’s a huge family. Yet, here he was parading around national television with another woman while his wife and kids were at home. He had to know that his wife would find out and someone he knows would see him on television – did he even care that this would tear his kids’ hearts right out of their chests?

9. His Kids are Upset with Him

And, rightfully so. To find out that your father was publicly cheating on your mother on television and didn’t care enough or have enough respect for any of his kids or his wife to not be this person is difficult for any child. They’re not speaking to him at the moment, and frankly – we don’t blame them.

10. He’s Supporting His Ex

His ex-wife, Kia, does maintain that despite their marriage ending and her not wanting to be part of his life any longer, he does support their family. He must support them well, because she is a stay-at-home mom to their seven kids, too.

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