10 Things You Didn’t About Kate Bosworth

10 Things You Didn’t About Kate Bosworth
10 Things You Didn’t About Kate Bosworth

Credit: @katebosworth

Kate Bosworth is lovely, and her role in the hit movie Blue Crush in the early 2000s made her a household name. She was already busy making movies and making a name for herself prior to that, but the role she played as a sister working on keeping her life in order while also maintaining the life of her younger sister and her home, was stellar. The movie was good, but she was excellent. Over the years, the world has watched her grow up and flourish in front of the camera. Each role she takes allows us to see an even more in-depth look at her skill in front of the camera, but she is also well-versed in keeping her private life to herself. What we love most about her is her ability to keep her private life away from the public eye, which is also why we all want to know more about her.

1. Kate Bosworth Was Born in 1983

Kate Bosworth is ending the 2022 holiday season and entering a new season of her life. She was born on January 2, 1983, which means that she’ll celebrate her 40th birthday immediately following the new year. It’s a cool birthday, and we imagine she’s going to celebrate exactly how she pleases. It is, after all, her 40th. she should celebrate exactly as she wants.

2. Kate Bosworth’s Net Worth is Impressive

She’s a woman in her late 30s who has a net worth of $12 million as of 2022. Kate Bosworth’s net worth proves to us how well she’s doing in the industry. She’s earned a vast amount of her net worth through her work as a movie star, but she’s also done some work for other companies by endorsing their products. She’s also a homeowner.

3. Kate Bosworth is Newly Divorced

One of the other new things she’s doing is going into a new decade of her life as a single woman. She was married to Michael Polish for many years, but the couple announced their separation in 2021. They officially ended their marriage, and she’s now a single woman. However, she is dating again. So, while she’s single and unmarried going into 40, she’s been dating Justin Long since the beginning of 2022.

10 Things You Didn’t About Kate Bosworth

Credit: @katebosworth

4. She’s a California Girl

She was born in Los Angeles. She’s still based in LA most of the time, but she has lived in other places. Oftentimes, her work keeps her on the move. Like many movie stars, she spends a great deal of her time focused on going where the work takes her. She shoots where the movies take her – Hawaii for Blue Crush, anyone?

5. She Was Accepted into Princeton

Kate Bosworth is smart, and it shows. She was accepted into Princeton in 2001, but she couldn’t go. Because of her career on camera, she continued to defer attendance. She did this for so long that Princeton eventually decided its only course of action was to revoke her acceptance. Needless to say, she didn’t go to Princeton. We think she’s all right, though.

6. She Dated Orlando Bloom for Years

Back in the early 2000s, when she was at the peak of her early career, she was famous for dating the exceptionally famous Orlando Bloom. They met and began dating in 2002, and their relationship lasted for three years. They announced the end of their relationship in 2005, and the world was shocked.

7. Her Grandparents Both Suffered from a Terrible Disease

Sadly, both of her grandparents lived with Alzheimer’s Disease, a terrible health condition affecting the brain. When the disease progresses, those who suffer from it almost always end up unable to remember anything or anyone in their lives. It’s terrible for everyone – including the people who don’t have it but love someone who does. Kate Bosworth understands the heartbreak associated with loving people who don’t remember her.

8. Kate Bosworth Loves Working Out

One of her favorite things to do is stay in shape. It’s good for both the body and the mind, which is amazing. She’s into workouts that shape both. When she’s not running, she’s heavily into pilates and meditation, which are both great for the mind and body. She takes care of herself from the inside out.

10 Things You Didn’t About Kate Bosworth

Credit: @katebosworth

9. Her Privacy is Important

First and foremost in her life is her own privacy, and it is important to her. She doesn’t like to share her personal life with everyone, and she is not required to. She does a wonderful job of keeping her personal life to herself.

10. She Calls Being a Stepmother the Best Thing in Her Life

When Kate Bosworth married her first husband, she was adamant that the best part of her life – she called it a gift – was meeting her stepson. She was so happy to become a part of his life, and it makes us wonder what things are like now that she’s divorced from his father. She spent a decade of her life helping raise him, so we think there must be a relationship there.

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