Seven Stars Who Have Ivy League College Degrees

Seven Stars Who Have Ivy League College Degrees

Seven Stars Who Have Ivy League College Degrees

College is a transitional period. It’s the time between childhood and adulthood. It’s the time many students grow up. Many experience their first jobs, their first heartbreaks, their first loves. College students experience living on their own. They learn how to adult while also enjoying their youth. No matter where you attend college, you spend ample time studying. However, those who attend Ivy League universities spend more time studying than most. It might surprise you to learn that a handful of your favorite mainstream celebrities are serious students. Which of your favorite celebs graduated with an Ivy League Degree?

Brooke Shields

Was there ever a time when the famous supermodel was not famous? She’s been on our radar forever, but did you know she’s an Ivy League grad? She was already famous when she applied for admission to Princeton. She was accepted, and she graduated from the university despite a difficult first year. Homesickness washed over the young college student, and she tried to drop out. Her own mother talked her out of quitting. The press often followed her around campus for photos, and it was a difficult time. She pushed through, and she persevered.

Bridgit Mendler

You know her from her time on television and in the movies. She’s the girl who starred alongside Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place, among many other roles. She’s a Disney star through and through, but she is also an Ivy League student. Despite already working on a successful acting career, she chose to continue her college education. She is currently enrolled in courses at Harvard University and MIT. That’s right – she’s attending two prestigious higher learning facilities. She’s studying for both her JD and her PhD. Need we mention she’s clearly intelligent?

Jodie Foster

If ever there is a star whose intelligence is evident all the time, it is Jodie Foster. She exudes an air of confidence and intelligence. It does not shock us one bit she is an Ivy League graduate. She attended Yale University in the 80s. What does shock us, however, is the fact that she put her already very successful acting career on pause to obtain that degree. She was already wealthy, famous, and successful, but she wanted to obtain her college degree.

Rashida Jones

She is a proud graduate of the class of 1997. The Harvard University class of 1997, we might add. She’s proud of her degree, and she discusses it often. It was an honor for her to return to campus 19 years after graduating to speak in front of the 2016 graduating class. She studied law until the O.J. Simpson trial. It was at that moment she learned that the law does not always win, and she decided acting was a more interesting choice. She’s been a success ever since.

Julie Bowen

The Modern Family star is not only beautiful and funny, she’s also smart. She graduated from Brown University in the early 90s. She was asked to speak on campus back in 2012, and she loved every moment of it. Her education was something she found more than a little important, though she makes it very clear she played as hard as she worked while there.

Natalie Portman

She’s a woman who prefers privacy. It shocked her fans when she momentarily put her acting career on hold to focus on a degree from Harvard University. She was in the prime of her acting career when she took a step back. Many assumed her desire to go to school and quit acting during that time would ruin her, but she’s proven to the world she cannot be ruined. She came back after graduating from Harvard and picked right back up where she left off. She remains one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Emma Watson

Imagine being the intelligent best friend of the most famous student at Hogwarts while also attending Brown University. That’s the life of Hermione Granger and Emma Watson. The Harry Potter actress had to delay her college career at Brown for a moment while she filmed the last of the movies, but it did not stop her. She did obtain a degree in English from Brown. However, it did take her five years to do it rather than four. She had to work, and she is not mad at herself for prioritizing her movie roles. She made excellent choices, and she is thriving. She went on to star as Belle in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, as well as many other roles. Her success speaks for itself, and her desire to learn does the same.

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