10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Alabaster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Alabaster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Alabaster

When Jason Alabaster was growing up, he had a lot going on in his life. He was a talented athlete, he had a bright future, and that future likely included one day finding a wife and getting married. However, he’s still looking, and he’s ready to find the one. For this reason, he’s decided to increase his odds of finding love by applying to be part of a reality television series we know and love as The Bachelorette. He is currently hoping to fall hard for one of the two women currently hoping to find love with more than 30 men this season, and we think that getting to know him is what fans are looking for.

1. He is in His 30s

He is a man of only 30, which we say because only 30 makes him pretty middle of the road in terms of age this season. He’s not the oldest on the show by far. He is younger than some of the oldest men by five and six years. However, 30 is a good age to have a good handle on what you want in a woman and where you want to be in life.

2. He’s in California

He’s yet another Californian on the list of men looking for love, which means he’s close to home. He currently lives and works in California, though we don’t know where he is in the state. It’s a fairly large state, though, so he could be anywhere.

3. He Works in Sales

While we might not know what equity sales are in real life, this is what he does for a living. He works for a company in California, and he seems to have a good job that allows him to experience a lot of success. He’s clearly good at what he does if he’s ready to settle down and find a wife and have a family.

4. He is an Athlete

He’s actually a tennis player, and he is a good one at that. He didn’t just grow up playing. He’s been recognized for his athletic prowess. He was named the NCAA All-American player twice while he played college sports. It’s a huge deal.

5. He Went to College

You gathered this by the fact that he was the NCAA All-American tennis player twice. You don’t get that title if you are not a college athlete. He played tennis, and he took classes at Rollins College. We do not know when he graduated, however.

6. He Loves Love

Love is for him. He is a man who enjoys being in a relationship, and he is happy when he finds love. He would like to find a forever kind of love this time around, though, and he knows how to make sure he clicks. If the vibe is not right with a woman, he is not into her. There is no mistaking that.

7. He Loves Athletics Outside of Tennis, Too

When he has some downtime, you can find him being athletic and taking part in some adventurous activities. On that note, he hopes the woman he falls for is also into athletics and adventure with him. He is a big fan of things such as surfing and tennis. He does both, and he is also a dancer. He loves to dance, so that might be something the ladies are excited about when they get to know him better.

8. He is All About Trust

One thing that he does not waver on is the fact that a woman must be trustworthy. He’s willing to be as trustworthy as he can be to make his relationships work, but he needs the same in return. No lies, no hiding things, and an open and upfront relationship is what he’s looking for. It’s what every relationship needs and should have, too.

9. He is an Investment Banker

During the day, he does have a job. He works as an investment banker, which means he’s got a stable income, a retirement plan, and he knows how to get things done and work while motivated. He is ready to find love, and he has his life together, so it will work for him if he can only find the right one.

10. He Has a Major Dislike

He dislikes Coca-Cola tremendously. Of course, we get this. Soda, in general, is gross and people should know by now how bad it is to consume. He is not just into keeping it out of his diet, however. He really just does not care for it.

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