Stranger Things is Headed to California

Stranger Things is Headed to California

Stranger Things is Headed to California

Is it wrong to say that Eleven looks like a young version of Joy Byers now? The move to California isn’t looking like it’s done the Byers clan any good despite what can be heard in one of the most recent trailers as Eleven speaks to Mike, aka Finn Wolfhard, concerning the upcoming spring break. Of course, when the government agents start showing up one can’t help but think that things are going to get out of control once again since a lot of people are assuming that Eleven’s telekinetic abilities are going to come back, and if she does make her way back to Hawkins for spring break it’s easy to think that things could start happening again. How that’s going to happen is uncertain at the moment since even the trailer appears to be a little too chaotic to really make heads or tails of everything, but given a little time, those that love analyzing everything frame by frame will have it down pat no doubt. Barring that, there do appear to be plenty of clues that the Byers, Eleven, and anyone within their sphere of influence will be in on the mayhem when things start to go down. 

The Hopper connection is bound to be kind of intriguing given that Joy is seen holding a Russian doll that could indicate where the former police chief has been taken. Plus, the ‘hospitality’ shown to the Byers and to Eleven is something that some folks might take as being standard in California, though it’s fair to state that Eleven still isn’t quite the normal kid since her upbringing has been a little, shall we say, less than normal. It does appear that Eleven is attempting to fit into the high school landscape, but the attempt isn’t going that well since between being ignored in the halls and having spitwads shot at her, Eleven sounds like a kid that’s writing home to tell of how great summer camp is while they’re quietly suffering and trying to keep their loved ones convinced that they’re doing fine. 

Season four doesn’t appear to be headed to Netflix any sooner than the summer of 2022, which might sound far away but is coming up quicker than a lot of people might realize since a lot of us didn’t think that 2021 was going to be this close to over so quickly. That’s kind of what happens when you put your head down and just get to it, things tend to happen and before you know it, what you thought would take forever is here. It does feel like it’s been a while since Stranger Things season three, but keep in mind that a lot has happened since the show first came out, and if things keep going the way they are now it feels as though the Upside Down might find another way into the world that might make Hawkins look like a scouting mission if that’s the way the story is bound to go at least. It would appear that there will be a season 5 at some point, but given how long it’s been between seasons since the pandemic hit, it’s not certain just when we’ll see each season drop, and it’s not even certain yet if a season 5 will be the last in the series. 

At this point, a lot of people are still ready to see Stranger Things return, but it does feel as though the buzz has died down a bit, as though the Duffer brothers are reaching a little too far and haven’t accounted for what’s bound to happen now that they’ve raised the bar a couple of times. The end of season 3 was rather momentous since there might have been ways to stifle the public interest in what happened at the mall, but the fact is that people in Hawkins were bound to start talking, and the disappearance of their police chief had to be something that had a lot of people wondering what in the hell had happened. Then there’s the idea of the Byers moving away, all the way to California, and still finding the time to make it back to Hawkins for spring break. How in the world are the Duffer’s going to work this, and is anything going to be like Eleven remembered it? There are a lot of questions that are coming up in regards to season four, and it’s a big hope that they’re going to be answered.  So far it would appear that the next season is going to be a bit removed from what we’ve seen of Stranger Things in the past, but it’s bound to happen that the government isn’t quite done with Eleven. How they’re going to muck up things this time though is bound to be a little intriguing, not to mention dangerous. 

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