How Many Endings Will Indiana Jones 5 Have?

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It would appear that filming for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is just about done, but there does sound as though there is more work to be done at this time, as composer John Williams has stated that there will be more than one ending to this movie. That’s not such a big deal considering that many movies today and in the past several years have had alternate endings, but it is a new development for the Indiana Jones franchise. What it could mean for the franchise moving forward is uncertain, given that many fans are already wondering if there is any truth to the rumor that the main character will be replaced at some point. While the director, James Mangold, has adamantly stated that this will not happen, fans have yet to be alleviated thanks to the gossip that has already been allowed to spread. It does stand to reason that multiple endings could showcase the possibility of continuing the franchise and even setting up another character who wouldn’t replace Indiana but might still take control of the story and continue to push it forward. How that might affect the franchise will likely open a lot of speculation. 

credit: Indiana Jones 5

More than one ending kind of suggests that the franchise might continue. 

Attempts to keep the legend of Indiana Jones alive have been made more than once throughout the years, even if certain attempts haven’t been that successful. Unfortunately, the movies have become slightly less popular over time for one reason or another, and as of now, it feels as though it might be time to let them go. Continuing this franchise would no doubt be met with much approval by many fans and even the studio so long as it’s believed that this idea can continue to make a profit. Using the example of the most recent movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it can easily be said that interest in continuing this franchise is still present, but how long such interest can be sustained is a question that hasn’t yet been answered. 

At this time, fans aren’t entirely sure how to feel about this movie. 

The buzz that surrounded Kingdom of the Crystal Skull felt a little more potent than what is being felt now, as many people appear to be of the mind that while this movie might be interesting enough to watch, there is a definite feeling that Indy might be getting a little too old for this type of thing. In the last movie, it was noted that he wasn’t quite as effective but was still made to stand out as an intelligent individual. But, if one has been paying attention, the fact that Harrison Ford is an older man now attempting to perform many of the same actions doesn’t appear to sit well with many people. While people still love Indiana Jones and are more than willing to watch his adventures, the need to have younger individuals within the movie to help him out and keep the energy higher than it might otherwise be is starting to become far more noticeable. 

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It might be time for Indiana Jones to fade into legend. 

In all honesty, it feels like the third movie should have been the last since it would have allowed Indy to go out on a high note and be remembered in his prime. However, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took the story into the much-needed retirement era of the famed archaeologist, and this current movie will take things even further, it seems, to keep the story alive. The understanding is that this should be the final movie, but with different endings, it’s tough to say for sure that this will be the case. The revelation that this is happening isn’t a bad thing; it’s simply a surprise that will be considered once the movie arrives in June of 2023. Many movies have had alternate endings, but some have been better off without them. 

Alternate endings aren’t an issue; the uncertainty in the franchise they represent becomes an issue. 

It can be stated in many different ways how Indiana Jones might need to be retired finally, and people can likely give many reasons why this character has run his course. But the general interest in continuing the story, no matter what might need to be done, could become an issue if a successor to the story is created. An alternate ending might show how the studio plans to bring back another movie if possible, and in doing so, might create the issue of how to keep up the franchise’s popularity as it pertains to the fans. 

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