Disney Reportedly Developing Young Indiana Jones Project

Disney Reportedly Developing Young Indiana Jones Project

Disney Reportedly Developing Young Indiana Jones Project

It kind of stands to reason that if there is going to be a Young Indiana Jones project coming to Disney that it would happen sometime after the events that were shown in The Last Crusade when River Phoenix stood in for the younger version of Jones. It might make sense considering that he’d been given a purpose and the fedora that would follow him around for the rest of his career. The only downside is wondering if Disney is going to ride the Indiana Jones franchise all the way into the ground or if they’re going to stop before they realize that it’s just about buried. Getting people to want more of something they enjoyed in the past isn’t that hard when it comes to Hollywood since the fact is that a lot of folks will like something if it’s presented to them in a way that makes it a little more attractive in terms of story and plot. In other words, it would be great if a young Indiana Jones series would be something other than another chance to milk whatever Disney can get out of this franchise.

There are bound to be plenty of adventures that could be thought up between the moment Jones thought of adventuring and the classic movies that so many people still like. All it would take is a writer, or group of writers, that are willing to stay within certain boundaries and hopefully not stray too far into the extraterrestrial arena that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull showcased. It could be that the origin story to the crystal skull story might be possible to work in simply because it’s mentioned in the movie, and it could be that we’d eventually get to meet a few other characters that Jones had known for a number of years before the movies came long. There is a lot of history that appears to have transpired in Jones’ life before Harrison Ford took on the role and it would be fun to see how many unique adventures a series could showcase before it was tapped out.

It would be limited to so many adventures after all unless Disney was thinking of possibly retconning the Indiana Jones franchise, which feels like it would be a huge mistake. But there’s no doubt that this series would be a finite thing since by the time it caught up to the movies it would be over. By that time though it almost feels as though it would be over anyway since while some fans might want to debate about this, the fact is the Indiana Jones has run its course as a franchise and while many might disagree, the fact that Harrison Ford is coming back for another movie in his 70s makes it clear that people are simply hanging on at this point and hoping for one last bit of greatness that might end the franchise on a high note, at least in the theaters. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull definitely left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouths since the main premise kind of took a left turn and veered away from the supernatural that Jones had dealt with in the last three movies.

The fact that the last movie did this kind of didn’t sit well with a lot of fans since it felt like the story was heading off in a different direction. The mere idea that Shia LaBeouf might have been the next Jones to start adventuring was enough to concern a lot of fans in a big way since LaBeouf didn’t exactly fit with the whole scheme of the movie no matter that he was meant to breathe a bit of life into the franchise by possibly showing a way that things could continue to move forward. All he showed was that his acting skills still need a lot of work and that a lot of fans still don’t fully trust him as an actor. Apart from that most of the other actors were enjoyable, but the plot was still kind of ‘meh’. Stepping away from ancient artifacts and adventures based around the supernatural was a mistake from the start, but the fifth movie feels like an even bigger turn away from the original movies.

A young Indiana Jones show might actually be a return to what a lot of people would call normalcy since it would introduce a younger version of the adventurer that might not be quite as sure of himself and would still be learning the ropes. He might even be a little more fun than the grown-up version simply because he is learning everything. It’s not certain when this project will get underway but it’s easy to think that we’ll hear more eventually. Until then it’s fair to say that the Indiana Jones saga is far from over.

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