Five Celebrities Who Need to Be in Jail Right Now But Aren’t

A lot of people tend to get the feeling that there’s a serious flawed double standard when it comes to how the law affects celebrities as opposed to the rest of us. Unfortunately as there are a good number of celebrities that should be in jail at this point for what they’ve done that opinion does hold a lot of weight even if it doesn’t change anything. Too many celebrities these days are allowed to get away with a massive heaping of wrongdoing since they are in the public eye and so many individuals are ready to back then and defend them in any possible way they can no matter how inane such a defense might seem. Too many people understand what it means to cross the law and have to pay for it while those that have the money and the public influence seem to walk away more often than not with barely a slap on the wrist when they misbehave in ways that might get the rest of us locked up for months or even years on end.

Here are just a few people that should be in jail at this point but aren’t for obvious reasons.

5. Alec Baldwin

Keep in mind that some of these celebrities are absolute fan favorites and there seems to be no way that some people would ever condemn them for their actions no matter how heinous. Alec Baldwin however is no stranger to breaking the law, but this time it would seem that he decided to get a bit aggressive with someone over a parking space of all things. The actor decided it was okay to punch the man in the head, and whether or not the injury was serious the man was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Yet Alec is still a free man and able to go about his business since he is such a famous actor.

4. Heather Locklear

For a good part of the 90s Heather was an absolute star and someone that people would notice immediately when she walked by. But throughout the last decade and a half her health has been deteriorating and thanks to medications she’s been rather unstable for a while. Whether it’s just the medications or something else she did manage to assault an officer when they were summoned out to her home, and as a result she was taken away for evaluation instead of being given any jail time. This seems like something that’s best left to a doctor or psychiatrist to fix, but assault is still assault.

3. Jay-Z

This might have happened a while back but the fact that Jay Z got away with stabbing someone is a gross injustice that boggles a lot of peoples’ minds. Celebrities seem to get away with murder at times, or at least attempted murder or assault or whatever you want to call this. The fact that they have money is an issue since many of them can bail themselves out the moment they’re in, without any chance of seeing any jail time for their actions. The average citizen that can’t do this is simply stuck and will no doubt go to jail simply because they’re not a famous personality of any sort, meaning that celebrities do seem to be coddled by the law.

2. Paris Hilton

Her lawyer actually stated that Paris was being targeted because of who she is. That’s a bit laughable since she didn’t serve a day in jail since she was allowed to be on home arrest instead. This was for cocaine possession as she’d kept it in her purse and then lied about it when asked. Right there is enough reason why she should have been taken in without bail, as the average person lying to an officer would be in huge trouble right from the start. If there’s any wonder why some people are so down on celebrities it should be coming quite clear that it’s largely because too many celebrities seem to have a free hand in society that allows them to do what they want, when they want, without suffering any of the consequences of their actions.

1. Chris Brown

So what happens to most men that beat up on a woman? They go to jail, right? Unless that man is Chris Brown and he has a ‘bright future in the music industry’ that no one wants to tarnish. You must be kidding at this point since his career should be about over after the legal troubles he’s been accruing throughout the length of his career. At this time Chris should be rapping to his fellow inmates, not to the misguided fans that seem to think he’s still something great and a person of interest to follow simply because he’s ‘misunderstood’.

Celebrities need to be reminded that the laws apply to them just as they apply to everyone.

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