Arthur Is Ending at PBS After 25 Seasons

Arthur Is Ending at PBS After 25 Seasons

There’s definitely something to be said about a show that’s lasted this long, but the last thing to say probably won’t be goodbye since even after Arthur is done and over with it’s likely that there will be reruns for a long time to come since one of the most well-known kid’s shows isn’t bound to fade away that quickly. It is true though that by the end of 2022, Arthur will be done and over with when it comes to new episodes. Kids that grew up with this cartoon are likely going to wonder how this could possibly happen, but it sounds as though it’s simply a natural conclusion to a very respectable and in some cases epic run that many know about and some might be interested to learn about. The show had been on for a long time now and has covered mostly material that has been deemed as educational and acceptable for kids, though there have been a couple of times when people might have thought the show crossed the line a bit. One of those times was when a show depicted the idea of gay marriage between two characters and was a huge problem in Alabama.

The thing is that like any other show, this one can be turned off and certain episodes can be forgotten or spoken out against without canceling the whole thing. But trying to tell that to people these days isn’t easy, nor has it ever been since folks are going to be offended by what they want. But, for the majority of the shows run it’s been successful and accepted since it’s been one of the many shows that have managed to teach and entertain kids in its own way. One might think that it’s nothing special since there have been shows on TV that have been there to entertain and teach kids for a long time now, and they’d be right on the last part. But Arthur has been around for over two decades, and for many people, he’s been a treasured character that helped them through their childhood.

A lot of cartoons that we grow up with tend to fade off or get canceled after a while either because the story is no longer adaptable, the interest is no longer there, or for other reasons that might make sense at the time. Arthur is one of the lucky ones that’s been around long enough to take some folks from their childhood to adult years and has possibly entertained at least two generations in one family without any major interruptions. There are plenty of people that don’t know who Arthur is and won’t be nearly as invested, but when one thinks about the landscape of children’s programming over two decades ago it’s easy to realize that quite a bit has changed since those days. There were a lot of shows to pick from two decades ago, and there are even more now. Trying to keep up with the number of options that kids have these days is enough to make your head spin since the different animated series that come out on a constant basis appear to rotate like a carousel.

But through it all, Arthur has been here. It’s bound to make a few people sad to see him go, but as mentioned, reruns will still be a thing since keeping the series in circulation so that people can still enjoy it will no doubt be a priority that will help appease many fans. The fact that it’s lasted so long is quite impressive to be sure, but it does make a good point for the idea that people still love wholesome cartoons that aren’t about violence and the good guy vs. the bad guy. Some would argue that cartoon violence is a problem, but the only problem tends to come when people think that behavior is caused by fictional characters that engage in battles that take only one reenactment on the part of a kid to realize that hitting someone hurts or certain acts are bound to be painful. In other words, violent cartoons aren’t such a bad thing, but cartoons such as Arthur are still valued by many people, which is uplifting in a big way.

It’s not likely that it will be a sad day when Arthur’s final season ends, but it will be a time to sit and reflect on how long the show lasted and what it meant to so many considering that a lot of people grew up with Arthur and the show did reach a milestone by being one of the longest-running animated series on TV. That’s worth taking notice of and it’s likely that there will be another mention of this when it finally happens. It’s not every animated series that lasts for 25 seasons.

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