Adam Warlock Has Found His Actor For Guardians 3

If you love Marvel Comics and watched Infinity War, you probably wondered where Adam Warlock was. Just in case you’re one of those Marvel fans who only watches the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and doesn’t read the comics, this character played a crucial role in defeating Thanos. I highly implore you Marvel geeks to read the Infinity Gauntlet comic and you’ll see just how important he was for the battle. What was kind of funny about the character was the fact that he was always so calm during the epic fight against Thanos. Even when the heroes were failing and suffered horrific deaths at the hands of Thanos and the infinity stones, Adam Warlock simply viewed it as pawns in a chess game. Of course, the Silver Surfer, one of his main companions during Infinity Gauntlet, was very offended by this, but the golden alien just brushed him off.

This character always remained calm and never lost his nerve, even in the face of devastation. I would say his biggest standout moment was when he insulted Galactus to his face. True to his character, Galactus used the heat beams from his eyes to vaporize Adam Warlock, but it was quickly revealed that he survived the attack. Just think about that for a moment. Galactus is one of the most powerful and scariest villains in Marvel Comics. The thing literally devours planets and towers over whole cities. The man-sized Adam Warlock bluntly insulted him to his face and survived a direct attack from him. He just proceeded talking to him as if nothing happened. Honestly, if that doesn’t earn Adam Warlock all the respect in the world, then what the heck does? The reason he was so crucial to the story of Infinity Gauntlet was because he was responsible for bringing the heroes together and ultimately outwitting Thanos himself. The ending was quite the eye-popper, especially since no one really won in the end. In fact, the only person who actually won was Adam Warlock himself. It was a phenomenal Marvel story and it made Adam Warlock a serious character for Marvel Comics going forward.

Last I checked, in the current Marvel continuity, Adam Warlock made the ultimate sacrifice. In a battle with the Magus, who is an older and evil version of himself, Adam Warlock realized he was destined to become that monster. When the Magus travels back in time to ensure that Adam Warlock succumbs to this dark future, Warlock decides to commit suicide to prevent that future from ever happening. Taking your own life to make sure you won’t become the villain? Now that’s a move only a true hero would make. Adam Warlock is a strange, but complex character who Marvel fans have long awaited to see debut in the MCU. Back in 2017, the character was set up in a post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Motivated by revenge, Sovereign leader Ayesha creates an artificial being with the goal of using him to destroy the Guardians. She decided to name this creature Adam. There you go, Adam Warlock is officially on the way for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. That’s exciting, especially since we should’ve gotten that movie two years ago. It’s all good, because I’m sure James Gunn has something exciting in store for us. If he’s bringing Adam Warlock in the picture, then I think we’re in for a banger threequel.

What does James Gunn plan on doing with Adam Warlock? I honestly can’t think of an idea. Adam Warlock’s most pivotal role in Marvel Comics was spearheading the fight against Thanos and now Thanos is dead in the MCU. We’ve seen where the Guardians are now and their next journey will likely lead them back to some conflict with the Sovereign. When they unleash their Adam on them, he’ll probably give them more then they can handle. But if James Gunn stays true to the character, it’s likely Adam Warlock will eventually become an ally to the Guardians and help them defeat the real threat. Heck, I can even see him becoming the new leader of a whole new Guardians team. That would be a great set up for a new future in the Guardians movies, but let’s focus more on Adam Warlock himself. Who is going to play him? Fans have been pushing for some top choices like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and even Zac Efron. It could’ve worked and you just got to check out some of that cool fan art. But it looks like James Gunn and Marvel has chosen English actor Will Poulter to play the golden alien.

This was an unexpected choice, since he’s a younger guy and his last movie role was the irritating Mark character in 2019’s Midsommar. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good actor and I’ve been wanting to see more of him ever since I saw him as the geeky kid Kenny in 2013’s We’re the Millers. He was hilarious and he’s proven he can play more serious roles in 2016’s Detroit. He can actually even play an action-type character, such as one of the villains in the first Maze Runner. Will Poulter has range and he can very well use that range to play a good Adam Warlock.

I’m just wondering how he’ll play him. Knowing that this is a James Gunn movie, I have a feeling he’ll make Adam Warlock far more comedic than the version in the comics. Given the stern and serious nature of the character, seeing him be more funny would be kind of strange at first. However, I think James Gunn will write him kind of similar to Drax, with his humor being the dry and witty sarcastic type. That is the kind of humor that would suit Adam Warlock well and provide new layers for the character. Personally, I’m just dying to see what he’ll look like. Seeing him in his perfect golden form is a sight we Marvel fans are longing to see. I do think Will Poulter will deliver in Guardians 3. With James Gunn once again in the director’s chair, I’m confident he’ll give Will Poulter the script he needs to make Adam Warlock a fine addition to the MCU.

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