10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jamie Sayed

When Jamie Sayed first appeared on Below Deck Down Under, the world was excited. Here you have this handsome young man who is clearly good at what he does hanging out on a yacht managing a small team of people and the boat, and it was all very exciting. However, the world loved watching him more and more with each episode. He earned a lot of fans, and those are the fans who want to learn even more about him. Who is he as a person? What’s he like as a person? And how do we get to know him better?

1. He is Australian

Born and raised in Australia, he’s been everywhere. However, his childhood on the Gold Coast is something he’s really enjoyed, really focused on, and really had a good time with. He has not taken it for granted that he’s been able to experience some of the world’s coolest wonders living where he did as a child.

2. He is Learning to Fly

One of the things that he is excited about is now taking over the sky. This is a man who has mastered the ocean, and now he wants to learn to fly a helicopter. He’s taking lessons and learning, and it’s something of a passion for him. Does this mean he will change his career path? Who knows?

3. He’s Traveled the World

In his five years in the yacht business, he’s traveled the world. He has been almost everywhere, and he loves it. Being able to grow up in Australia with so much going on around him was one thing. Being able to travel the world and see all the sights because of your work is quite another. Where has he been? Panama, Costa Rica, the Mediterranean, Greece, and all over the Caribbean.

4. He’s Been Yachting for Some Time

To be frank, he’s been part of the yachting world since 2017. We do realize this might not sound like a long time. However, in this industry, that’s forever. With five years of experience, he’s been in the business longer than many of his contemporaries.

5. He has a Blog

He’s got a blog of his own on which he works on different podcasts and talking to different people. It’s a passion of his, and it is something that he has had a lot of time to focus on. His blog is called Wake Up With Jamie, and he puts some serious effort into it.

6. He Likes All the Things

When he is not working, he enjoys many of the same things that most of us enjoy. He’s a fan of cooking, the beach, and he likes to play golf. He clearly loves to travel, and meeting new people is also something he is a big fan of doing. He’s like so many of us, and he has no shame in that.

7. He is in Miami Now

From what we can ascertain about his life, it does seem that he bases himself out of Florida these days. Miami is not the worst place to spend your life, and he has a lot going for him now that he is doing his thing there. He spends a lot of time working with different brands and running his blog, but he also fancies himself a bit of a social media influencer.

8. He Found Challenges in His New Role

When he took part in this show, it was his first time working as a bosun. He thought he had the qualities he needed to lead this small team, and he did enjoy it. However, leading a team and being in charge is not always as easy as it sounds, and it is not something he currently takes for granted.

9. He is Good with Communication

What his coworkers have to say about him is a lot of good stuff. They say that Jamie is good with communication, he is good at his job, and he takes challenges and looks them in the eye with a smile. He’s clearly someone who knows the job in and out, and he also understands the challenges that many face when they are dealing with this.

10. He Gets Stressed

He might seem unflappable, but his job is tough and he is someone who has to focus and take deep breaths and figure things out as they go. He’s not giving up, and he’s not giving in, but he also faces stress like everyone else in their own jobs. He just handles it better than most.

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