Five Awesome Helicopter Chase Scenes in Movies

It could be said that helicopters aren’t quite as graceful or as impressive-looking in dogfights as jets are, but they’re still quite versatile and can pack a heavy wallop when they’re fully armed and ready for combat. Of course, not every helicopter chase in the history of movies has involved heavy weaponry, some of them have been impressive simply because of the way the movie was filmed and because the action was great enough that it worked at the moment. But some of the best helicopter fights in the movies are definitely those that involve a lot of explosions and death-defying stunts that boggle the mind as to how they might actually go down in real life. In action movies the helicopter scenes are hard to believe since one has to accept that the helicopters can actually perform all the actions that they’re being put through without thinking that they might stall, they might crash, or they might otherwise fail a maneuver or simply fail to restart when they need to, but that’s why these scenes are so great, they’re not always realistic and they’re put there for sheer entertainment.

Here are five of the best helicopter chase scenes.

5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The T-1000 proves that you don’t really need a craft with weapons on it when the vehicle itself can become the weapon. This determined terminator was a nightmare to behold when T2 came out since it could do everything from changing its shape to impersonating people to defeating a T-800 in combat. Even worse, it made the latter look easy since trying to wrap your head around Robert Patrick manhandling Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been kind of tough if not for the circumstances and the fact that the T-1000 was a superior model to its opponent. But the helicopter scene was interesting since instead of just going full speed ahead and ramming its enemies, the terminator actually toyed with them for a while.

4. The A-Team

Murdock isn’t the kind of guy that a lot of folks would be enthused to fly with probably, but at the very least he’s a great pilot and someone that’s not afraid to think miles outside of the box. But while this movie didn’t get a whole lot of love from the fans, who know why, it was a lot of fun to watch since it took off in its own direction and kind of remade the team in a different image that felt like it was warranted at least. But this whole idea of shutting down the helicopter in the middle of a dogfight to evade heat-seeking missiles does feel a little farfetched, mostly because heat signatures don’t appear to work this way.

3. Mission: Impossible-Fallout

Is it me, or is anyone else having trouble believing that Henry Cavill’s accuracy would be that great during this helicopter scene? Granted, it looks extremely cool and it turned out to be a fun scene to watch, but there are times when the reality of the scene needs to be questioned, even if experts might chime in and assure or deny that such a thing is possible. Thankfully there are plenty of folks online that have given their two cents and more about scenes like this, some of whom are actually experts in their field and have been in this type of position, even if it wasn’t in actual combat.

2. Rambo: First Blood part 2

Let’s just say it, this can happen because he’s Rambo, and nothing else needs to be said about it. Right? well, maybe a few things need to be said about it since the scene is pretty cool and it is always fun to watch Rambo get away from the bad guys and do his thing, but there are times when you really just need to take your belief and push it to the side in order to enjoy what you’re watching. It is kind of interesting to ask how a skilled helicopter pilot could miss their target so many times when the assumption is that they’re very good at what they do. But then again, it is Rambo, so there’s your answer.

1. The Expendables 3

How badly would your stomach lurch if the helicopter you were riding in suddenly turned upside down? Obviously those inside the helicopter would be wearing a restraint so they might not go flying but they’d certainly feel the motion. It’s an impressive maneuver and it is possible apparently, but not indefinitely. Plus, the older the helicopter the less likely it will be able to do this, meaning that to be realistic in any way this rig would have had to be a newer model. But oy, if that wouldn’t just kill your stomach then it means that a person has done it before or just has guts of iron.

Those are just a few of the many helicopter chase scenes in movies. Which are your favorites?

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