10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hailey Malles

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hailey Malles

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hailey Malles

If the new year brings us anything to look forward to in January every year, we can always count on ABC and “The Bachelor,” to do the trick. It’s not a big secret that the month of January is really a month that is all about feeling lost and kind of in the middle of nothing. It’s probably the most boring month of the year following the most exciting and busiest few months of the year. We are all slowing down, refocusing, catching up on all the sleep and rest we missed all fall and holiday season long, and in 2022, it’s Clayton Echard who is bringing us the entertainment. The former football player and the current medical sales rep is looking for love with a whole bunch of women, and Hailey Malles is one of them. As we get to know all the women he’s trying to find love with, we are going to bring you all you need to know about this young woman and what she’s like outside of reality television.

1. She is Young

She falls right into the middle of the group at the age of 26. She’s a little older than some of the young women who are looking for love with Clayton Echard, but Malles is also younger than a few of the other women who are also looking for love. Where will she fall into the group in terms of her personality and her maturity?

2. She’s From Florida

She’s a Florida girl, and we have a feeling she might be a lifelong Floridian. She has posted photos of herself with her family in Florida, so we assume they might all be from the same area. She’s in Orlando, which is right into the middle of central Florida and well centered compared to everything else in the state.

3. She Works Hard

She might only be 26, but she’s working hard and she’s making a difference. She went to school to become a nurse, and she is a pediatric nurse in the area. She works with kids, and that is something that she clearly loves. It clearly brings joy to her heart and to her life, and she seems more than happy to do what she does.

4. She’s Adventurous

Her entire life is all about adventure. She loves to spend her time going on adventures, seeking out things to do that will challenge her and make her better, and she loves to find the best things to do. She is always going to want to go to Thailand and ride an elephant, and we feel she will make that happen.

5. She’s an Outdoorsman

Indoors is where she works in the hospital with the kids, but outdoors is where she likes to be. On the boat, on the beach, on a hike, in the mountains, traveling, and doing all the things that involve being outside. She’d rather be outdoors than indoors, and we feel that.

6. She Loves to Travel

When she’s not working, she’s looking for an adventure, and most of her adventures include travel. Seeing the world is something she’s into, and it’s not something she’s willing to quit doing, either. She loves it, and she’s making it a priority in her own life.

7. She Loves Taylor Swift

She calls herself a Swiftie, and she’s a diehard fan. Of course, she was one who grew up listening to the young artist as she is a little younger than the star herself. She’s had Swift’s music in her life almost her entire life, and she’s a fan through and through.

8. She is Family Oriented

Her work is important. Her travel is important. Finding adventure is important, but her family is most important to Malles. Her family is everything to her. She’s exceptionally close to them, and she is looking for a future husband who feels the same about family and all that it entails.

9. She’s a Performer

She sings and plays the guitar, and she has no problem doing either in front of people. What this tells us is that she must be quite good at both if she’s willing to put herself out there in front of a crowd to play music and sing. She’s happy to do both.

10. She Knows Exactly What She Wants

She is not willing to waver on any of it, either. She’s a woman who wants a man who is close to his family and her own family, who puts God and his faith first, who is career-driven and unafraid of hard work, and who is has good values, ethics, and morals. She also doesn’t strike us as the type to compromise on those very important aspects, either.Orlando

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