10 Things You Didn’t Know about John Anderson

For almost 20 years, The Bachelorette has entertained millions of viewers while also helping people find love. John Anderson is hoping to become the next person to make a love connection thanks to the series. He is a contestant in the show’s upcoming 19th season and he’s excited about sharing his journey with the world. Since this season will have two bachelorettes, John’s chances of leaving with his future wife are a little higher than they typically are. Still, however, the competition is going to be fierce and there are 31 other men he’s going to have to work hard to stand out. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about John Anderson.

1. He’s A Very Intentional Person

There are plenty of people who go through life doing things without putting any thought into them, but that isn’t how John likes to live his life. His bio for the show states that he is intentional about everything that he does which probably helps him avoid a lot of stick situations.

2. He’s A Teacher

John takes education very seriously, and that doesn’t just include his own education. All of the information about him leading up to the show has reported that he is an English teacher. Although we know that John is a teacher, we weren’t able to find any detail on what grade(s) he teaches. However, the fact that he is a teacher likely means that he is a very patient person.

3. He Loves Dressing Up

For lots of people, dressing up is seen as somewhat of a hassle which is why most people don’t like to do it outside of special occasions. John, however, isn’t like most people in this regard. He really loves dressing up and he has a great eye for what kinds of things look good.

4. He’s 26 Years Old

At 26 years old, John is at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to contestants’ age. This might cause some people to think that he isn’t really ready to settle down. However, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a good idea of what he wants.

5. He Is A Dog Person

Hopefully, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey are dog people, because John certainly is. His Instagram profile reveals that he has an extra special place in his heart for fur babies and he definitely understands why dogs are considered man’s best friend. That said, it’s unclear whether he currently has a dog of his own.

6. He’s A Model and An Actor

According to John’s website, he is an aspiring actor and model who has already done some work in the entertainment industry. The fact that he hopes to build a successful career in the entertainment industry could definitely be seen as a red flag for some people because it suggests that he is simply using the show as a way to advance his own career.

7. He Enjoys Spending Time Outdoors

John is originally from Tennessee and he grew up exploring the outdoors. This interest is something that has stuck with him over the years, and he still loves being out in nature. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are things like hiking, swimming, and paddle boarding.

8. He Was a College Athlete

John’s love for education doesn’t mean that academics were the only thing he focused on during his time in school. John grew up playing baseball and his love for the sport took him all the way to college. He played at several schools and ended his career at Trevecca Nazarene University where he became one of the few 7-year seniors in NCAA history.

9. Family Is Important to Him

John is a very family-oriented person and he looks forward to spending time with his loved ones whenever he can. This quality is something that Rachel and/or Gabby will probably find attractive. We couldn’t find any details on whether he would like to have a family of his own.

10. He Had Leukemia

John has had lots of great things happen in his life, but he’s also had to endure some difficult times. In an interview with Brent High, John said. John remembered. “My back was killing me. It was hurting for probably four days. I wasn’t eating anything. I lost a ton of weight. I got really pale and super weak. My mom took me to the emergency room. The nurse thought I had the flu but I didn’t have any fever so they let me go.” His symptoms were eventually diagnosed as being caused by Leukemia.

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