10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christine Ko

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christine Ko

What do you know about Christine Ko? The gorgeous actress has graced our television screens for some time now, and she’s making hit after hit starring as characters in shows such as Upload and Dave. She’s recently been cast in some of television’s most serious dramas, and her fans want to know more about her. Who is she, and what do we need to know about Christine Ko?

1. She Moved Around Often As a Child

Growing up for Ko involved a lot of moving around, though we don’t know what it was that caused her many moves. We do know the lovely actress was born in Chicago, but she did not stick around for long. She eventually lived in places such as Atlanta, which isn’t so far from Chicago when you consider the fact that she also moved to Taiwan at some point in her childhood. She made big moves growing up.

2. Talent is Something that Runs In Her Family

Her talent is not something she learned or taught herself so much as it is something she was born with. It runs in the family, and it comes through her father. He is a famed entertainer from Taiwan, and you may have heard his name before if you follow Taiwanese work. His name is Frankie Kao. His vast career was spent primarily on television working as a presenter as well as singing. He also acted in more than a few roles. He died in 2014.

3. She Firmly Believes Diversity Has Yet to Hit Hollywood Hard Enough in Roles

It’s a sentiment heard regularly from actors and actresses who are not stereotypical actors and actresses. Ko is clearly a woman of Asian descent, and she landed a role in a project called “The Great Indoors,” despite not being a blonde woman – this is pertinent because the role was written for a blonde. When she landed the role following her audition, the powers that be realized the outward appearance of the character was less important than the talent and the range of the actress, and she landed the part. She’s ready for this mindset to hit Hollywood harder.

4. She is a College Graduate from a Southern School

When she was ready to hit the college scene, she chose to stick a little bit closer to home than many. She was living in Atlanta at the time, and she chose Georgia State University for her education. We don’t know what her degree encompasses, nor do we know what year she graduated, but we do know she was born on August 3, 1988, so she’s turning 34 in 2022. She likely graduated at some point in 2010, if we had to guess.

5. English is Not Her Only Language

Despite being her first language – she was born and raised in both Chicago and Atlanta – she does speak a second language. We mentioned previously she lived in Taiwan for a time, and that time happened to be her pre-teen years. Middle school is difficult enough without adding the stress of moving halfway across the globe to it, but she did. She also learned to speak Mandarin while she lived in Taipei, which seems almost impossible to us.

6. She’s Starred in Just About Everything on Television Lately

She’s got a familiar face, and that is not just because she’s gorgeous and unforgettable. She’s been in just about everything we’ve seen on television lately from playing more series characters in Hawaii Five-0 to being a comedic socialite in the hit show Ballers. She was a major player in The Great Outdoors, and the show Deception, and she’s been in a few digital series and films, too.

7. She’s Working Non-Stop Right Now

We already brought you a small sampling of what she’s been in previously, but did you know she’s currently starring in some major roles? She’s playing the role of Emma on an FXX show called Dave, which is huge. She’s also playing the role of Nina on the hit Hulu series Only Murders in the Building. But, we think what might excite people the most is that she’s about to show up – coming soon per her Instagram bio – on The Handmaid’s Tale – which might be one of television’s biggest series right now. She’s been a little more mysterious about this role, and fans cannot wait.

8. She is a Lover of All Things Travel Related

One thing she will have you know is that seeing the world is something she rather enjoys. She’s good about sharing her travels via her social media channels, too, so it’s easy to follow along to see some of the beautiful locations she’s been to in recent years. She spent part of her 2022 summer touring locations such as Lake Como, Rome, Tuscany, and Amalfi, and we cannot think of anything dreamier.

9. She’s Your Stereotypical Dog Mom

She feels no shame in this, either. She’s got a dog. It’s a chowski with the prettiest golden coat, and she is a proud dog mother to her little angel. We don’t know the dog’s name or anything else about it, but she is the mom who shares ample photos of her pup online and captions them appropriately with things like “I took the cutest picture of my dog,” and realizes that she sounds like every other person with a canine companion in the world.

10. She is really Into Celebrating Other People and Their Success

When Ko has the chance to celebrate the successes of the people in her life and around her, she takes the opportunity to do it. She shows up, she cheers and applauds their success, and she makes it a part of her own life. She’s all about cheering people on.

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