The 20 Most Annoying TV Hosts of All-Time

The 20 Most Annoying TV Hosts of All-Time

The 20 Most Annoying TV Hosts of All-Time

There are some TV hosts that have a way of grating on your nerves or making you cringe with the tone of their voice, or a catch phrase that you’ve come to hate. These are usually personal favorites that they don’t seem able to stop repeating. There are several popular television hosts that have irritating qualities, yet, somehow, they are back on the air either daily or weekly. While most of them have redeeming qualities there are a few that people just love to hate. We don’t stop watching them, because despite these minor annoyances, they have something to offer the world and so we keep tuning in. American has voted and here are the 20 most annoying TV hosts of all-time:

Nancy Grace

Nancy Ann Grace has made the top of the list of the most annoying TV hosts. She is an American television journalist, television host and legal commentator. What is it about Nancy Grace that people find so annoying? For some it is the overdone show of emotion that she frequently exhibits. Nancy isn’t just a bland host that reports on the facts. She interjects her opinion and it’s often emotional in a hard core manner. She is very much on the side of the victim and preaches continually about victims rights, sometimes even after she’s made her point. The belaborment of a subject is something that most people find annoying. While some viewers roll their eyes at the mention of her name, it’s important that the world knows that Nancy really does know what she’s talking about because she herself is a former prosecutor. Perhaps she’s just tired of seeing all the pain and injustice in the world.

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton, aka Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. is the second most annoying television host by popular vote .He’s a television and radio talk show host who served in the capacity of White House advise to then president Barack Obama. He’s best known for his talk show “Keepin’ It Real.” Sharpton annoys people with his stark opinions and its plain that he doesn’t believe in sugar coating. He cuts right to the point and makes certain that his opinion is known. Sharpton is a Baptist minister as well as a civil rights activist. Part of the role of activist is being able to stand your ground and even bulldoze over the antagonists who are trying to shut you down in public debates. There are some people who love him and some that he irritates.

Piers Morgan

Coming in at third place in the most annoying list is Piers Morgan, also known as Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan. He’s a television personality and British journalist, working in the USA. Piers has a way of rubbing people the wrong way. He’s brash and outspoken, often not considering the feelings of the people he addresses. He’s best known for hosting “Piers Morgan Live” which aired in 2011 on CNN. While he’s been successful in his career as a journalist, there are many critics of his harsh and abrasive manner who have willingly stepped forward to let him know that he’s an offensive fellow. Does this diminish his obvious talent and skill as a journalist? When it comes to weighing people skills and social sensitivity against creative reporting of the facts, Piers is a professional for certain, but he could use a bit of polish for posterity sake.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, now President of the United States was previously the host of “The Apprentice” is also a successful business magnate. He’s one of the most well known celebrities in the world today, but some people find his mannerisms to be highly annoying. Proof of this exists in the Alec Baldwin skits that have made a parody example of the mannerisms and catch phrases that Trump is so well-known for using. Baldwin has Trumps idiosyncrasies down to perfection and he executes them in an exaggerated manner that calls the attention of the viewers directly to them. He’s not alone in his humorous pokes at the former TV host, now President. Comedian host Stephen Colbert takes a regular poke at Trump and the two are leading a decent sized pack of comedians who can’t help but say something about it.

Phil McGraw

Phillip Calvin “Phil” McGraw is most commonly known to the public as “Dr. Phil,” which is the name of his daytime television talk show. McGraw is the fifth most annoying TV host in America. His show centers around guests who have some type of either bizarre issue to resolve, or they are living in a manner that is offensive to the majority of the American public and they appear on “Dr. Phil” to get their lives straightened out. Phil is all about the pop psychology and tough talk. He’s a victims rights advocate, every bit as strongly as Nancy Grace. He has a slow manner of speaking and the drawl of a Southern gentleman, but some people find this to be extremely irritating. Could it be the sensationalism that comes through the screen that they find to be the most objectionable? There are many die hard fans of Dr. Phil, but we see here, that there are also viewers that are irritated by him. Perhaps life isn’t always as black and white as he makes it seem.

Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’ Reilly, aka, William James “Bill” O’Reilly, Jr. is best known for hosting “The O’Reilly Factor,” which was his political commentary program that previously aired on Fox News. O’Reilly is a popular syndicated columnist and author. He has a background in news reporting and earlier in his career, worked for several different television stations. He earned spots with the teams at ABC News and CBS News as a reporter. O’Reilly is one of the television media personalities who was fired by the NBC Network amid allegations of sexual misconduct. He had a large following of fans and was a popular public figure prior to the recent scandal, but there were also those who found his style to be abrasive. Those with differing political views were often offended by his opinions and interjections. His style was so irritating that it earned him the sixth position in the most annoying TV hosts list.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, aka, Lee Beck is best known as host of several of his own television programs and radio shows. He’s an American political commentator with severe political views. Throughout his career, beck has continued to be an outspoken analyst that would go to great lengths to prove his point to viewers and listeners. Beck wasn’t one to back away from an argument and while this made him popular in some circles, it became offensive to those with opposing political views. Beck is a powerful strategist and he knows how to gather support for his theories and there isn’t much that can sway him once he has made p his mind. He didn’t necessarily have a negative attitude, but his passion was a real turn off for the people who found themselves on the opposite side of the fence from him. He was a powerful presence on Fox News, which was considered as a conservative network. Those who loved Glenn Beck, loved him a lot, and those who didn’t found him to be a very annoying TV host. There were enough of these people in the poll to elevate him to the position of number seven on the most annoying list.

Rosie O’Donnell

Roseann “Rosie” O’Donnel is the eighth most annoying TV host. She started her career in entertainment when she was a teenager. She was discovered on “Star Search” in the early 1980s. O’Donnel; is among the most outspoken females in Hollywood. She became well-known for her participation in celebrity feuds and public pissing matches over social issues that she was passionate about. She definitely knows how to stir the pot of controversy. She has done a lot of good in the world with her support of the LGBT movement, as activist and participant for the cause of equality. O’ Donnell has had a successful career as an author, actress, television producer and many more lucrative ventures. She is well loved by her loyal followers, but there are those who find her manner of speaking to be offensive. She’s been the subject of crude jokes by a plethora of popular comedians and standing up for her beliefs has resulted in a great deal of public ridicule. It wasn’t so much for the causes or opinions she voiced, but more in the way that she chose to deliver her thoughts.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera, also known as Gerald Michael Riviera,is a popular television personality and host of his own reality television show “Geraldo.” He’s also a popular author, and an attorney at law. Perhaps one of his most popular roles was as a real life reporter. He was good at his job and was well respected as a news reporter. It was during the time that he hosted his reality tv show that Rivera became the butt of many comedians’ jokes. The style of the show relied heavily on sensationalism from the shocking, and often unbelievable stories that his guest shared on the show. There were questions as to the authenticity of the bizarre situations that the guests relayed to the audience, with Rivera as mediator. Occasionally, violence would break out on the set during taping. In one such incident, Rivera received injuries to his face, requiring medical assistance. He still had a large following of fans, but there were some who were annoyed by the content of the show and felt it to be staged. This created a disdain and launched a volley of insults and pokes from the comedy side of the business. Geraldo is number 9 because of the number of people who found him to be an annoying TV host.

Oprah Winfrey

Opray Winfrey has an amazing life story. She’s been named as one of the strongest and most powerful women in America. Her influence is not questionable, yet there are some people that find her to be utterly irritating. She’s best known as the host of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” It soon became the highest rated program in the history of television prior to its end in 2011. Oprah wasn’t afraid to tackle weighty social and political issues. She has a straightforward style of dealing with issues and she’s not prone to pandering to others to keep the peace. She’s not particularly abrasive,but she is firm in her convictions and doesn’t back away from her stance on an issue that she considers to be important. Whether you agree or not, she’s a woman of merit, but she has also ruffled quite a few feathers along with way. Winfrey was not apologetic for holding her position, but she did so with a sense of class and caring that was absent with some of the other contenders on our list. Oprah annoyed enough people to make it to the tenth position of recognition.

Joy Behar

Joy Behar co-hosted “The View” which aired on the ABC network. She also hosted her own show bearing her name on HLN, then moved on to host “Say Anything!” and is still active as host for this program. She is a veteran in the industry and has moved around from one show to another every few years. Behar is an acquired taste and some just can’t get over the sharpness that seems to come out so naturally. Joy made a few appearances as a fill-in host for Larry King on his talk show. Joyce doesn’t back away from controversy. She has her own opinions and she’s infuses them liberally. Behar has staged some mighty battles with political figures and perhaps for once, viewers would like to see a television host take a neutral position instead of trying to prove why somebody is evil or wrong. She’s been known to be rude and offensive and this is most likely the reason that she has been voted the 11th most annoying TV host of all time.

Sean Hannity

Sean Patrick Hannity is the host of “The Sean Hannity Show,” and is also well-known as a conservative commentator. Hannity has stirred many pots in his day and while those in his camp see him as an inspiration that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, others see him as an alarmist and find him to be offensive. He continues to share his opinions about the disparities that he believes exist within the and liberal party. Hannity isn’t alone in his beliefs, but his views are abrasive to those who feel that their values are being attacked. His popularity stands on its own as he’s written not one, not two, but three Best sellers on the New York Times list. He’s an accomplished professional in his field and he’s an influential figure. He’s just not everybody’s cup of tea. Sean Patrick Hannity was voted as number 12 because he annoys the hell out of a lot of people.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is the stage name for Joan Alexandra Mollinsky. She was known for her crude form of comedy that is hilarious for some and offensive for others. Joan had a way of making people angry with her humor. It wasn’t that she was out to cause hard feeling, it was just her style. Prior to her death, Joan had served as the host of multiple popular TV shows, and was still actively working at the time of her passing. Joan knew how to shock people and this was the larger force behind her comedy. On some level, it worked magnificently for her, but she was forever branded as a foul-mouthed woman by more conservative viewers. She was controversial to say the least. There didn’t seem to be a middle ground between fans and opponents of Rivers, and there are still some that found her to be among the most annoying hosts on television.

Wendy Williams

Moving down the list of the TV hosts who annoyed the public is Wendy Williams. She’s a popular media personality as well as comedian, actress and author. Wendy was also actively involved in radio broadcasting where she made quite a name for herself. She’s earned a reputation for picking fights with other celebs. If there isn’t something controversial going on, Wendy will create a sensation, or at a minimum a reason to tangle with somebody. Does she really think that this is a good thing? Some people like her shock and awe approach but there are just as many who find it to be a distasteful waste of everyone’s time. Wendy’s a popular lady who knows what she’s doing, but she’s gathered a crowd of non-supporters who think she’s pretty darned annoying.

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is best known for hosting his own talk-show “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” The name of the show says it all. It airs on american cable for a solid hour and this gives him plenty of time to share his views in his signature Philadelphia accent. Chris has been around for a while and he has plenty of experience in his field to know what he’s talking about. Being a political commentator and news anchor has helped him to establish a solid reputation in some circles, but not in all of them. Politics is a hot topic and there really isn’t a middle road. There is no safe place to stand without annoying someone. Chris has touched the sensitive spot of enough people to weigh in as a member of this distinguished list of most annoying TV hosts.

Tyra Banks

Former supermodel and host of “America’s Top Model,” serves as the inspiration for young girls across the globe, but she’s also picked a few scabs with her famous lines, ” You’re going home,” or ‘Pack your bags and leave.” These are phrases that are repeated over and over, or perhaps some variation of them. Although it’s just business and nothing personal, it gets really annoying for her to sound so mean to the hopefuls that wash out in the competition. Her handling of the bad news for the girls that have lost the competition is really annoying for some viewers. While they may love Tyra, this is something that does wear thin. It almost became cliche. Tyra isn’t a mean person at all, but she certainly has annoyed a lot of people.

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann came so close to missing out on our top twenty list. Hes a writer as well as well known political and sports commentator. he is the host of a late night show titled “Olbermann. Keith is well known in sports and news circles and he knows how to rub people the wrong way. He seems to always have a strong opinion to share, whether it be on a team, an individual player, a coach or about a political situation. It wouldn’t really matter which side of the fence Olbermann jumped on. H’es going to annoy someone deeply. It appears that he’s rubbed a few blisters because of his appearance on this notorious list of the most annoying TV hosts.

Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee is an American personality who was French born, and has been in the entertainment industry for a number of years. She’s well known as a singer, acttress, comedian, songwriter and television host. She is pehaps best known for co-hosting with Regis Philbin on” Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee.” The general opinion is that she’s an annoying TV host because she is perceived as an attention getter that makes statments which are cringeworthy. She’s a high strung person and there are quite a few viewers who really have a hard time tuning in when she’s “squawking” on the air, to quote a disgruntled viewer…who is annoyed with her.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher is yet another political commentator and TV host who has made it to our list of annoying presences. He’s best known for his HBO “Real Time with Bill Maher. ” He also served as host for the late night talk show, “Politically Incorrect.” Maher is a polital satirist with a definite tone of sarcasm that some people absolutely cannot stand. Although it was a close one, Bill Maher made it to our list of top twenty most annoying TV hosts of all-time.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was the Republican Party nominee for VP of the United States in the 2008 Presidential election. Since that time, Sarah was under the microscope and although she has some redeeming qualities, there was plenty that the world found to feel irritated about. She’s broken into the business with “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and a new talk show that is similar to “Judge Judy,” although Palin is not a lawyer. Palin didn’t have a great response when she appeared as guest host of the “Today” show. She opened the door for a new round of insults with her criticism of Obama. She was the first woman to be nominated for the Vice Presidency which was an historic event, but her constant line of verbal miscues opened her up to the ridicule of American comedians everywhere. Sarah came close to missing the boat, but she managed to earn an honorable mention as the 20th most irritating TV host of all-time.

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