10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jaicy Elliot

Jacy Elliot

Jaicy Elliot is an up-and-coming actress born in France to French parents. She is well-known for her roles on popular TV shows, particularly the long-running Grey’s Anatomy, but also had a short stint on another, albeit more behind the scenes. This young actress has a promising future ahead of her, having already displayed her talent on one of the most popular and longest-running TV dramas. If you recognize her as one of the bright young doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, there’s likely still a lot you don’t know about Jaicy Elliot, so here are 10 facts you didn’t know about her.

1. Her career started in the theater

It’s not uncommon for actors to get their start taking roles in different areas of acting before they land bigger, perhaps more permanent roles on shows or hit the big screen. Elliot has always described her interest and her beginnings as being related to the theater. After graduating college, Elliot took a strong interest in the theater and has an extensive work history in theatrical roles prior to her debut on the popular TV series, Grey’s Anatomy.

2. Her first paid role was Grey’s Anatomy

Although Elliot was paid for her theater work, Grey’s Anatomy was the first consistently paid acting job she got. Taking on the role of Taryn Helm, a young intern who had suffered with panic attacks during her childhood, Elliot starred in the show’s fourteenth and fifteenth seasons. Later, when the show started another version of the show which focused on a second generation of doctors, Elliot was asked to reprise her role as Taryn.

3. Her character has a crush on the main character

Many TV shows try to keep story lines up with the latest trending issues going on around us, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Grey’s Anatomy has included a similar story line that focuses on Elliot’s character and its implications for the lead character, Meredith. Elliot’s character has a crush on the doctor, but it remains unclear if it is really love or just a strong admiration. Fans will have to keep watching to see if anything develops from these feelings.

4. She got to help a teen get a wish come true

The Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up with Disney to fulfill a 17-year-old teen’s dream of being part of her favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. Izzy got to spend a day in Hollywood on the set of the show and meet all the stars, including Elliot. Not only did she meet them, but she got to direct a scene, try on costumes, and help with props. It was an extra special experience for Izzy, since her dream has always been to become a doctor. Elliot says it was one of the best days of her life to be a part of that.

#5. Worked on The Unwilling

Before jumping in with the other doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, Elliot had worked in the art department of the 2016 thriller known as The Unwilling. She then got the offer to be a part of the ‘six-pack’, and has maintained her role on the highly-rated medical trauma show.

6. Not much is known about her parents or family

While many stars will divulge information about their family or family life, there isn’t much to be found on Elliot’s immediate family. There is no information on siblings or her parents, or what type of work they do. That being said, since she does have an Instagram account, there are pictures that tell the story of her being quite close to her father, Cris Elliot.

7. She owns two residences, one outside the US

Elliot was born and raised in France, and she maintains two residences, one in the US and the other in France, though the exact location of the latter has yet to be revealed. Her US home is in California, an obviously expensive state to live in, and the cost of maintaining two homes and traveling back and forth must surely be considerable.

8. She drives a classic Toyota

Apparently, Elliot keeps some things under wraps when it comes to living the life of a celebrity. On her Instagram page, you can see her car that she purchased for a very modest $10,000 – $15,000 Toyota. Maybe when she really starts climbing the Hollywood pay scale, she may exchange that Toyota for something more extravagant, or maybe she will always keep her car spending to more average automobile makes and models.

9. She’s single

You can search far and wide on the web to see if you can find any pictures indicating that Elliot is dating anyone, but we don’t think you’ll find any. Elliot is still relatively new to the celebrity lifestyle, which includes having paparazzi tailing her every move. They have been trying to catch her with a guy, but it seems their efforts have gone to waste as it appears quite clear that she is neither dating nor married.

10. What does she make per episode?

A lot of fans like to keep up with what the stars are making these days, and if you don’t already know, Elliot is earning between $50,000 and $100,000 per episode of Grey’s Anatomy. She’s appeared in around 10 episodes so far, which is a big pay raise compared to what she was making in her theater days – approximately $1,000 – $2,000 per week.

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