Why Meredith Grey is The Best Character on Grey’s Anatomy

Why Meredith Grey is The Best Character on Grey’s Anatomy

Why Meredith Grey is The Best Character on Grey’s Anatomy

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that nearly everyone on Grey’s Anatomy has their own bundle of issues that they had to deal with during the course of the show, or that none of them is one hundred percent perfect, but some of them were definitely better than others. Meredith Grey was someone that didn’t have the best upbringing since her father left when she was very young and her mother was more concerned about her career than her daughter for much of her life. As a lot of people can probably guess this didn’t really give Meredith a lot to look forward to since she was a bit rebellious in high school and then in college, yet she still pulled good grades and was able to push forward in a way that saw her succeed and do what she wanted. When her mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease though her course was pretty well set since she went into the medical field. One could say that her mother’s plight inspired her, made her feel guilty, or many other explanations that might sound better to those that come up with them. But the point is that she was set on her path and determined to do everything she could to make it happen.

Meredith didn’t really have a stable life though since things kept happening to her during the show that were hard to fully understand since at times it felt as though fate was set firmly against her and wasn’t bound to let up until she was dead or simply tired enough to walk away from it all. Fate in this case being the writers and the director that wanted this character to suffer for a while along with everyone else, of course. Typically if a show is about anything that is as open to drama as it can be, then many of the characters are going to be subjected to one disaster after another that will test their fortitude and their will relentlessly as the fans are left to decide whether the story is worthwhile or not.

In some cases it might have felt that Meredith was just too good and too strong of will to be entertaining since having gone through quite a bit in her life, the character wasn’t broken, but she was certainly bowed by the events she’d been through. One has to wonder about the breaking point of some individuals since there aren’t always warning signs in real life and it’s possible that someone might snap at any given moment when too much stress is applied. On the show, however, Meredith was fairly stoic a lot of the time, while at others it was apparent that she was taking things as well as she could without breaking down completely. It’s a bit odd to talk about a character when knowing that the actor portraying them is in control of their every move and emotion, but the fact is that many of those that helped to make this show so popular did such a great job that talking about their characters as though they were real people becomes a little easier since many people tended to see them in one light or another.

There’s no doubt that some people might have had an issue with Meredith since she wasn’t perfect and she did have the kind of flaws that developed over time and became a little more problematic now and then. But when it came to comparing her to many of the characters on the show she was undoubtedly among the best since the level of adversity she had to go through was horrendous at times. What she had to deal with in her life would easily be enough to break several people and likely scar others for the rest of their existence. Some people can deal with adversity, while others tend to fold very quickly and collapse upon themselves rather than dealing with the pain that the world can deliver without cease. How people deal with pain on a personal level often defines how strong or how weak they really are, no matter if it’s physical pain or emotional that is being dealt with. Some people rise, some people push forward, and others simply panic and run.

It does feel that Meredith did manage to run at least once or twice, but in a big way, it does feel that she was removing herself and her loved ones from the path that might have led to a very dark place had she continued to let things go on as they were. Removing oneself from a dangerous path isn’t a weakness at times, even if it’s perceived that way. Meredith wasn’t a weak person, but her strength was a bit difficult to see now and then. But to be clear, she was still the best character on the show because she was strong in ways that people didn’t always see.On the show

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