The Top 10 Meredith Grey Quotes from Grey’s Anatomy

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Every once in a while, a television show will be created that essentially defines an entire generation. It’s happened a few times in the past. Think about shows like M.A.S.H. or one of the most defining shows of the 1970s, Emergency. Shows like this not only defined a generation, but often inspired one. The truth is, Emergency has more dedicated followers now than it did when it initially aired and it has inspired an entire generation of people to become paramedics and firefighters. While shows of this magnitude rarely exist today, you might be lucky enough to find one every once in a great while. One such television show that people still follow is Grey’s Anatomy.

There are a lot of reasons that people love this show, but one of the reasons that so many people tune in week after week is to see what Meredith Grey has to say and to whom she’s going to say it. Over the years, she’s dealt many people a mighty blow with some of her quotes, and it’s become something of an Internet sensation. Below are 10 classic Meredith Grey quotes. Of course, all of them have been paraphrased so that you understand the general meaning, even though the exact words aren’t used.  See if you recognize any of these things that she said to other people. More importantly, think about all the different times that you would have liked to have said something similar to someone in your own life.

1. It’s okay to have a broken heart

Most people think that the whole point of life is to find happiness. In one notable conversation that Meredith Grey had with another doctor, she made it very clear that as far as she’s concerned, you don’t really need to be happy. Instead, you need to realize that the world is a tough place and your heart is going to be broken. The goal in life is to learn how to deal with it and live on despite it.

2. Just keep loving

In one episode, she made the comment that when you’re really in love with someone, you think that they’re the only person for you. The next thing you know, you find someone else and you fall in love with them. Your feelings change from day-to-day and you wonder how you could possibly feel the way you did yesterday. Therefore, you should just be in the moment and love for the moment because you never know what’s coming the next time you turn around.

3. Make yourself first in your life

Meredith Grey always has a way with words. She once had a pointed conversation with a colleague in which she cautioned that individual to stop putting everyone else first and start putting herself first because in the end, she was the only one that she could really count on.

4. Let it go

Grey also makes a point of telling people that they don’t need nearly as much as they think they do in order to make it through life. She’s fond of telling people that when they’re capable of stripping things down to the bare minimum, that’s when they really find out who they are. That’s also when they have the chance to thrive in life because there’s nothing left to get in the way.

5. Life’s a game of chance

She’s also famous for letting people know that no matter how hard they try to be careful in everything they do, most of what happens in life is all about chance. According to Grey, you can be as careful as you’d like, but that doesn’t guarantee that something bad won’t end up happening to you. The good news is that it doesn’t guarantee something great won’t happen, either.

6. Take it day by day

Grey is famous for pointing out that when it really comes right down to it, all you can do is take whatever comes at you day by day and find a way to survive in that moment. That’s all you’ve got. You can’t go back and you don’t know what’s coming, so you have to find a way to make it right then and there.

7. Things won’t always go your way

Meredith Grey wants people to be genuine and to try. She’s always been very clear that there will be times that you will fail and fail miserably, but even in those moments, it is still better than not having the nerve to try in the first place.

8. You have to be tested

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, Meredith Grey has been through some things in life and she’s not afraid to share her point of view with others. She once said that the only way to know who was really strong was for everybody to be tested in one way or another in order to see who was still standing when it was all over.

9. Move forward

In one of her most famous quotes, Grey realizes that it’s difficult to move forward when all you really want to do is desperately hold on to whatever you’ve got. However, she’s quick to remind people that you can’t move forward and you can’t grow if you always stay right where you are.

10. Follow your instincts

One of the best pieces of advice she’s ever offered is that you have to follow your instincts in everything you do. Only then will you find your true passion and only then will you find genuine happiness.

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