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Grey's Anatomy

There are times when you wonder if the doctor in front of you is really paying attention to what you are saying, or what anyone is saying. You’re pleasantly surprised when they pay enough attention to diagnose you, but does that mean they’re actually paying attention to everything going on around them? For the majority of the Grey’s Anatomy doctors, the answer is no. Everyone’s either in a daze or in denial, and only two people have a valid excuse for newborn-induced lack of sleep.

Alex has to walk the line while awaiting trial, but his clinic supervisor is putting him through his paces. It’s safe to say Alex hasn’t done scut like this since he was an intern. Fitting since he’s working in the clinic named after his ex-wife’s dead fiancee. That’s not weird at all. The most useful thing Alex can do all day is yell at a young alcoholic, playing bad cop to Webber’s good cop. Alex has no points to play with anyone, and especially no whining points. He’s at the mercy of everyone else, even his patients. He manages to figure out his clinic patient actually has a very rare disease, but doesn’t take the credit. Surprisingly, Alex doesn’t really want credit. He helped a patient today, and that was enough.

Newlyweds Amelia and Owen have been in so much bliss, it hits Amelia that in many ways they still don’t know each other. It makes her  nervous that she doesn’t know certain things about her husband. Nothing super essential, but still, things a wife should know. It’s not the little things you’re scared of saying out loud, it’s the big things. Amelia and Owen tell each other the worst things they’ve ever done (Amelia slept while her baby daddy OD’d right next to her, and Owen nearly choked Cristina in a PTSD-induced fugue state). If they can get through those things, they can handle whatever comes next. They can even get ready to have children.

If Amelia and Owen needed a reason not to have kids, Jackson and April’s current sleep deprivation is a good reason. Baby Harriet is running her parents ragged. That’s enough to keep them awake, but there’s also the added emotional stress of being exes who live together. They put this pressure on themselves to act a certain way around each other as if Jackson is a renter and April is his tenant, and they just happen to share space with a screaming infant. Everyone needs to just breathe, be honest, and not make any rash decisions. April and Jackson need each other at the end of the day, even if it’s just as co-parents. That kind of strength and support is invaluable raising a child together.

DeLuca’s feeling pretty lonely these days. Now that Bailey has forbidden Alex, DeLuca, and Jo from discussing the incident and the trial with anyone, keeping your mouth shut really is the only choice. Still it’s nice that if Jo and DeLuca have to suffer, they can empathize with each other. It’ll be interesting to see how their friendship plays out with Alex’s trial given DeLuca is the only one who knows the reason this whole mess started.

Can someone please shake Meredith Grey? She refuses to put Maggie out of her misery by telling her that she has no chance with Riggs. For that matter, she refuses to put Riggs out of his misery too. He’s still flirting with her, and Meredith’s still avoiding. It get so awkward that Meredith has to question if Riggs agreed with her opinion on a case just because he likes her. It’s not a fair question, but the truth is that Riggs felt he was making the right call. Going into risky surgeries everyday though, leaves little room for doubt. Meredith can’t be in a position where she has to question Riggs like that again. She and Riggs reluctantly agree to remain colleagues, and maybe friends because of Maggie’s abrupt timing.

Is Meredith headed towards disaster by not being honest with her sister?

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This week the Grey’s Anatomy doctors were sleepwalking through the day, both metaphorically and physically.

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