Grey’s Anatomy: April’s Reconciliation with God and the Power of Faith

Grey’s Anatomy: April’s Reconciliation with God and the Power of Faith

Grey's Anatomy

April’s Return to Faith and the Impact on Grey’s Anatomy

Thank heavens, April is back on track! This week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode deserves a moment of gratitude, as it was a tough journey for April. She, like many others, needs God and prayer in her life. The Serenity Prayer also holds significance for those seeking strength and guidance, particularly Dr. Webber. Whether you place your faith in a higher power or within yourself, it serves as a catalyst for the courage to live.

April has finally reconciled with God. Although God likely understands April’s crisis of faith, she still feels compelled to embark on an apology tour around the hospital. Apologizing to those she used and yelled at is easy, but making amends with Jackson proves more challenging. During her crisis, April didn’t just lash out at Jackson; she despised him. When she lost God, it seemed as though every reason Jackson ever had for not attending church with her was validated. Jackson won, and God did not, which didn’t sit well with April. However, even when April lost God, Jackson remained by her side, constantly checking in. April and Jackson can finally coexist peacefully, at least until she discovers his relationship with Maggie. That conversation will undoubtedly be anything but enjoyable.

Alex and Amelia’s Risky Procedure and the Power of Miracles

Alex and Amelia are tasked with treating two terminal patients using a high-risk sound waves procedure. Although it was Amelia’s idea, the thought of accidentally decapitating a child unsettles her. Koracick is eager to try the procedure on a child whose tumor causes uncontrollable laughter, but there’s a price to pay for being at the forefront of medicine. Greater risk doesn’t always guarantee greater reward. The procedure is successful for one child, but not for Kimmy, Alex’s long-time patient. The first patient’s survival was a miracle. With Kimmy’s tumor being far more aggressive, Koracick is unwilling to use the procedure on her. However, he does grant her dying wish to go to Broadway. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you experience a miracle. Meredith found her miracle test mouse to beat Marie Ceron, but Alex won’t get the miracle to save Kimmy.

Owen’s Return and the Confrontation of Shady Practices

Owen returns from Germany in a foul mood. His rejection by Teddy is his own fault, but instead of facing that, he focuses on tracking down another doctor with some highly questionable practices. Shady might be too kind a word for it. Illegal, immoral, and despicable are all fitting descriptions for a doctor who fabricates breast cancer diagnoses in women to charge them for unnecessary chemotherapy. He even scares Arizona into thinking she has breast cancer for a while. I’m with Owen on this one; the doctor deserves a beating just for frightening Arizona.

Webber’s Struggle and the Importance of Letting Go

Webber is shaken when his sponsor, Holly, returns to Grey Sloan with end-stage liver failure. He talks to her almost daily, but she never told him she was sick or that she had signed a DNR. When Holly continues to refuse treatment, Webber stubbornly orders Meredith and Maggie to save her by any means necessary. If there’s one thing that can drive a recovering alcoholic to drink again, it’s the loss of their sponsor. Meredith knows what an out-of-control Richard Webber looks like, but Maggie doesn’t. They can’t save Holly, and they can’t get Catherine back to Seattle in time to talk Webber off the ledge. So it’s up to Maggie to convince Webber to let go. It’s not too difficult, as she went through the same experience when her mother was dying. Once Webber sees this perspective, he grants Holly her wishes, including a serenity prayer with Amelia. That prayer is spot-on when it comes to accepting the things we cannot control, like life and death.

Now that April has regained her faith, will she be okay with her ex-husband’s new relationship, or will it drive her back to the brink?

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